Friday, December 20, 2019

Thursday 19th December Albury to Ashridge, 6 miles led by Tony M Despite the rain 18 ramblers met at the Vaaliant Trooper at Albury and while the rain had stopped, and donned waterproofs and some wellies ready for a downpour. We followed the lovely route round the back of the church to Albury Nowers - sadly no butterflies or orchids at the moment - and then headed past Incombe Hole to the monument when we were able to visit the facilites. Amazingly the sun almost came out and the rain held off until we returned safe and dry but a bit muddy. We really did appriciate getting out at this time of year. Thank you, Tony.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saturday 7th December - Christmas Lunch at Marston Moreteyne Manor
Prior to the lunch we had a short walk around the Forest Centre led by Sheila and Mike Briggs
A great time was had by all who attended.
Marston Moreteyne Manor

The moat

Tony R in his Christmas Jumper

Jill, Cathy, Neil, Kate, Geoff, Ruth & Cynthia

Malcolm, Jean B, Beryl, & Helen

Linda in front of Sandra, Nita, Jean S & Malcolm

Kelly, Graham, Bob, Tony M, Margaret, Hilda, Hilary & Tony P

Mike, Sheila, Sue, Lynn, Celia, Bob & Penny

Kate, Geoff, Ruth, Tony R, Cynthia, Jill(hidden), Cathy & Neil

Friday, December 6, 2019

Thursday 5th December, Stockgrove, 6miles led by Tony M and Margaret

Starting at the Stockgrove car park we walked North by the edge of Rammamere Heath then took the PRW passt the Paper Mill to the Grand Union Canal. We had a lovely walk along the tow path - John spotted a kingfisher! - then coffee break at the three locks. After a stern lecture on road safety we walked across the narrow bridge single file, Tony holding up the traffic for us, then a lovely walk through Rushmere to the cafe where most of us had bacon rolls. The weather was dry, the early mist clearing, and just what we needed on a winter's morning.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas lunch and ramble, 7th December
The day dawned bright and warm for this time of year and that, and the promise of mud-free paths brought 18 of us to Marston Moretaine Manor at 10am to work up an apetaite for lunch. We walked for about 6 miles around the Millenium Park, with the 1 million trees that are now nearly 20 years old and turning from saplings into trees. We passed a lake, a wind turbine and had our coffee at the visitors centre. They have a good lecture programme in the winter - I must come back again!

We got to the Manor in time for pre drinks and our wonderful Xmas lunch, our numbers doubling again and we were served a splendid meal in an extension to this beaurtiful manor.  Altogether, a lovely time was had by all. Thanks to John and Sheila for leading the walk and Nita for the organisation of the lunch.