Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday 26th May 2022 Ridgmont walk led by Tony Price

This 7 mile walk had 10 walkers and started from the Rose & Crown Ridgmont 
Leaving Ridgmont we followed the Greensand ridge trail around lowhill plantation and on over the motorway bridge towards Broughton end where we passed through the farm yard, making our way up to an through Southview farm which led us up an through Jackdaw Hill and past the golf course

Richard W, Penny, Tony R, Cathy & Neal, Wendy, Sue, John D, Annie & Tony P

We then crossed the road into the wooded area before making our way through to Moneypot Hill where a break was taken for our refreshments

Carrying on along the tracks running alongside Center Parcs we made our way up to Lodge farm
Where once again we crossed back over the motorway to join up with the Greensand trail, back past the old abandoned church at Segenhoe and through the village to conclude our walk where we had parked our cars

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.

Anthony Price

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday 21st May Toddington Walk led by Tony Madeley

 This 5.5 mile walk had 7 walkers and stated from Toddington Village Hall car park. We started by walking along Leighton Road. We left the road and walked through several fields of sheep, some followed us in the hope of food, sadly disappointed. We arrived at Tebworth where we crossed the road and walked to Wingfield. We stopped outside the Plough for a short coffee stop before continuing on to cross the Dunstable Road. We then continued along a path parallel to the road. We stopped at a horse chestnut tree for a group photo.

Nita, Kate, Tony P, Val, Torunn, Tony M & Tony R

We saw several golfers on Chalgrave golf course before walking past Chalgrave church and Crowbush farm before making our way into Toddington past the council estate. We continued along Dunstable Road where some left to go into the cafe whilst others continued to the car park.

Track of walk, walked  in anti-clockwise direction

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday 19th May Aspley Woods walk led by Tony R

On a nice fine day we had a great leisurely 6 mile walk through woods, meadows and open heath land with several stops for various reasons, but  unfortunately we had only 7 walkers.
The walk started from Longslade Lane car park and walked eastwards until the main road was reached. This road was crossed and we climbed the hill along sandy tracks.. Soon we came to a piles of logs where we stopped for our coffee break. We then descended into Woburn Sands and crossed the double roundabout. We paused to view the marker to show Greg Rutherford's winning long jump distance. We then crossed the road and entered Edgewick farm grounds. We stopped for a moment by the carved seat.

Sue & Penny on the carved owl seat.

Sue, Kate & Penny on another seat in the woods with Neal, Cathy & Tony P at the rear.

We continued on through the woods to reach Bow Brickhill church where we stopped for our picnic.
After this we took the path through the golf course with holes on either side. We turned left past the clubhouse and crossed the road to enter more woods. This path led to Longslade Lane. Two of our number crossed the road and climbed the steep bank whilst the others turned left to Sandy Lane and entered Aspley Heath via a gate. We followed the path back to the car path where the other two were waiting.

Track of walk, walked in ant-clockwise direction

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Sunday 15th May Blows Downs walk led by Nita & Yvonne


Nita and Yvonne were joined by Hilary, Penny, Mary and Linda for the1.30 start of the afternoon stroll on Blows Downs.   After leaving the retail car park we were on the guided busway which took us over the Luton Road with a birds-eye view of how busy the roads can be on a Sunday.
 Coming off the busway we were at the start of the Downs by a small community orchard with about 10 young fruit trees.  The information board also showed a map of where the cows were likely to be. Always good to know!
The dampness in the air had now turned to light rain but enough for rummaging in the rucksacks for waterproofs for a couple of us.
The track we took has recently been widened and resurfaced otherwise it could have been quite muddy.    On our left were several fields which are now being left to do what nature does best as part of the Wildflife and Countryside Act. At the end of this track we crossed the top of Half Moon Lane, through a gate and there they were - the cows we'd been promised, beautiful dark brown ones munching away not at all concerned by us.
 Blow's Downs | Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs & Northants
We were now at a point where we could have continued into Cottage Bottom Fields - but that's for another day.  Turning left with a slight incline we were high enough to see across the A5 London Road towards Dunstable Downs.
 Managing chalk downland at Blow's Downs | Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs &  Northants
The return walk took us in an easterly descent on to a footpath and across one of the fields we passed earlier to retrace the route parallel with the busway arriving at Priory View for a sit down and well earned drink.
The walk was about 3.25 miles.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday 14th May - Tea Green walk led by Lynn

There were 4 of us that started from the White Horse at Tea Green. It was lovely and sunny and we were all in short sleeves right from the start!
The route took us from the pub out past the old windmill near Breachwood Green, across Lilley Bottom and up the other side past Follyfield Spring. By the time we reached the old track up to Kingswell End, it had got quite warm and it was nice to walk in the leafy shade for a while. We found a nice spot for our elevenses looking across to Stopsley Holes Farm and beyond and then headed to Ley Green and from there to Kings Walden where we stopped in the churchyard.

Tony R, Lynn, Tony P & Penny in the churchyard

Sadly, the church was closed as it has been on previous occasions. From there we walked across the estate eventually heading back down to Lilley Bottom,  where we  stopped for a chat with a group of girls from Hitchin who had been catching us up and were doing a practice walk in preparation for their DoE later in the year.

Penny & the 2 Tonys coming u from Lilley Bottom


Across the fields to Breachwood Green

We headed up through the woods and across the field at the top to reach Breachwood Green,ere we found a cottage selling fresh farm eggs for a very good price, which Lynn took advantage of (and managed to get them home without breaking them)! The White Horse, lunch and a well-earned drink for all, was only a short distance from there.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday 12th May Preston walk led by Brenda & David

Twelve ramblers met in the village of Preston, close to the Red Lion, on a lovely morning. We turned right off the main village road by the now closed Princess Helena College. Walking along a grassy track and then uphill along a good path through a cultivated field to Whitehall Farm. We entered Kingswalden Park, passing Kingswalden Bury House. Crossing the road we walked alongside Tache Wood eventually reaching Ley Green. After passing a group of ramblers walking in the opposite direction (they had seen us leave Preston earlier) we entered a sheltered byway, where we had a banana stop, then carried on to Austage End.

Cathy, Tony P & Brenda with Sue & Tony R in the background

Leaving Austage End we could hear the faint call of a cuckoo, the call got much louder as we approached West wood. We made our way towards Tatmorehills Lane and uphill to our picnic stop.

After lunch we walked past Wain Wood where, unfortunately, the bluebells were well past their best, and made our way back to Preston.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Saturday 7th May. Maulden woods, 6 miles, 8 ramblers led by Tony M

 It was a dull damp start to the da y as we met at Maulden Church, the first rain for ages having just eased off, which put a few people off . The eight of us were determined to make the most of it: the sun came out, the paths were dry and we quickly fell into conversation as we walked out of Maulden.


After a quick water break we headed into the woods where the raindrops on the leaves brought out the new spring colours in the baby tree leaves. We passed clumps of bluebells, yellow archangel and stitchwort 


We passed Clayhill Cottage: a tiny thatched building in the middle of the woods that was rumoured to have sold for an astronomical sum, then edged the fields to King’s Wood where we had our coffee break. It was 11.45, and a range of food was consumed, from nothing, to the inevitable bananas to full sandwiches! 

More rain was forecast  but instead the sun came out and I regretted not bringing my sunglasses. We were back at the cars by 12.30, almost in time for the football match on T.V.!


Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thursday 5th May Luton to Lilley & back

This 7 mile walk was led by Sue and had 7 walkers
We started from the small car park near the South Beds golf club entrance and walked parallel to the base of Warden Hill with a housing estate of our right. On leaving this estate we turned left onto a field track. We kept on a low track and a lovely slow, relaxed pace, enjoying the company, the views and the sunshine.

Nita, Tony P, Kate & Cathy in the bluebell woods

  Part way along the track we had our coffee stop was in the woods amongst a carpet of bluebells.

Tony R, Penny, Nita, Cathy, Sue, Tony P & Kate

After several miles of tracks we passed a polling station at Lilley Village Hall which reminded Penny to vote later;. as most of us live in Bedfordshire we do not have this opportunity. We then turned into Lilley churchyard where we stopped for our picnic.

Nita & Cathy in the churchyard.

We were fortunate enough to find the church at Lilley open. The flower arrangements were wonderful and the smell from the flowers was exquisite.

Sue & Nita by the Jubilee arrangement.
There was bunting up to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee as we went in.
After lunch we walked through Lilley past the Lilley Arms and the house that 2 of us observed being thatched last year, still not finished due to lack of Norfolk Reed.
More tracks led away from Lilley.

Tony R, Sue, Tony P, Penny,Nita, Cathy & Kate.
We then headed off back to our cars passing the South Beds golf club.

Track of the walk, walked in an anti-clockwise direction

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Thursday 28th April Clophill / Chicksands Woods

This 7 mile walk was led by Tony Price
It started from Clophill village.
Leaving the village up to Back St, making our way through the small stables, we joined the tracks through the fields and on towards Chicksands woods

John D, Penny, Sue, Richard & Wendy Whaley & Brenda
Entering the woods we found ourselves surrounded by bluebells all around as far as the eye could see

John D, Brenda, Wendy & Richard Whaley, Penny & Tony P.
Lunch was taken by the the obelisk
Turning back through the woods we then followed the tracks back up to the abandoned church in Clophill
Richard & Wendy Whaley, Brenda, Penny & John D with Tony P at the back.

Then through the apple orchard full of blossom
Back down Kiln lane onto the village green to end a very enjoyable walk.


Track of the walk