Friday, December 20, 2019

Thursday 19th December Albury to Ashridge, 6 miles led by Tony M Despite the rain 18 ramblers met at the Vaaliant Trooper at Albury and while the rain had stopped, and donned waterproofs and some wellies ready for a downpour. We followed the lovely route round the back of the church to Albury Nowers - sadly no butterflies or orchids at the moment - and then headed past Incombe Hole to the monument when we were able to visit the facilites. Amazingly the sun almost came out and the rain held off until we returned safe and dry but a bit muddy. We really did appriciate getting out at this time of year. Thank you, Tony.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saturday 7th December - Christmas Lunch at Marston Moreteyne Manor
Prior to the lunch we had a short walk around the Forest Centre led by Sheila and Mike Briggs
A great time was had by all who attended.
Marston Moreteyne Manor

The moat

Tony R in his Christmas Jumper

Jill, Cathy, Neil, Kate, Geoff, Ruth & Cynthia

Malcolm, Jean B, Beryl, & Helen

Linda in front of Sandra, Nita, Jean S & Malcolm

Kelly, Graham, Bob, Tony M, Margaret, Hilda, Hilary & Tony P

Mike, Sheila, Sue, Lynn, Celia, Bob & Penny

Kate, Geoff, Ruth, Tony R, Cynthia, Jill(hidden), Cathy & Neil

Friday, December 6, 2019

Thursday 5th December, Stockgrove, 6miles led by Tony M and Margaret

Starting at the Stockgrove car park we walked North by the edge of Rammamere Heath then took the PRW passt the Paper Mill to the Grand Union Canal. We had a lovely walk along the tow path - John spotted a kingfisher! - then coffee break at the three locks. After a stern lecture on road safety we walked across the narrow bridge single file, Tony holding up the traffic for us, then a lovely walk through Rushmere to the cafe where most of us had bacon rolls. The weather was dry, the early mist clearing, and just what we needed on a winter's morning.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas lunch and ramble, 7th December
The day dawned bright and warm for this time of year and that, and the promise of mud-free paths brought 18 of us to Marston Moretaine Manor at 10am to work up an apetaite for lunch. We walked for about 6 miles around the Millenium Park, with the 1 million trees that are now nearly 20 years old and turning from saplings into trees. We passed a lake, a wind turbine and had our coffee at the visitors centre. They have a good lecture programme in the winter - I must come back again!

We got to the Manor in time for pre drinks and our wonderful Xmas lunch, our numbers doubling again and we were served a splendid meal in an extension to this beaurtiful manor.  Altogether, a lovely time was had by all. Thanks to John and Sheila for leading the walk and Nita for the organisation of the lunch.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday 28th November 2019 
Campbell Park and Willen Lake walk - 6.5 miles

The walk commenced at the same car park as the last walk, near the canal at the bottom of Campbell Park. There were 19 walkers, but fortunately 4 decided not to stay for lunch as I had only booked for 15 at the cafe
We started by walking along the western edge of Campbell Park up to the Rose where numerous pillars mark every event or day one can think of.
We then walked up the the viewpoint where we had our photo taken.
Unfortunately the weather was misty so there were no great views. We then walked down to the canal where we passed the new Campbell Wharf marina with its 111 spaces, nearly all of which were full. At bridge 85 over the canal we left the canal which was fortunate as logging was happening further along. This path led past a small children's playground where we stopped for our coffee break.
After this we soon reached the river Ouzel and followed this north until Willen Lake was reached. We skirted the western side of the lake calling into the pub for a much needed comfort stop.
We crossed a bridge and went across the peninsular  which divides the lake into two and so we arrived on the eastern side. We the followed the lakeside north past Willen hospice to reach the slopes near the maze. We skirted the maze and climbed the hill above the Japanese pagoda. At the top of the hill we descended many steps to cross a main road before arriving at our lunch stop at Camp Hill. Here the 4 who were not stoping left us to make their 3/4 mile walk back to their car.

On entering the cafe we were greeted by the manageress who showed us to our reserved table in a large alcove.
After perusing the menu everyone appeared to want lasagne, but as there were only 9 portions available some were disappointed and had to have another dish. However everyone seemed to enjoy their food as shown below.
After our meal most walkers decided to visit the Camp Hill shop where a variety of goods were purchased. We then walked the last portion of the walk by going over the canal and turning left the reach our cars. Unfortunately one car had a puncture but this was quickly attended to by fitting the spare wheel.
The trace of the walk is shown below with the dot showing the start and finish point. We walked in an anti-clockwise direction

Sunday, November 24, 2019

November 23th 2019, Saturday 10 miles, led by Bob and Celia
Six ramblers met at the Canal car park at Cambell Park, Milton Keynes on what promised to be a grey wet day. We set off at a brisk pace to the North of Willen lake and followed the river past Alders and Willow trees to the Windmill (Caldecote) pub where we had a good sized meal - lots of sour dough! The last hour had been light fine drizzle which turned to rain just as we got inside - and conveniently stopped as we ventured outside again. The return trip followed the canal, and a firmer path between an avenue of poplar trees where the tow path became damp. We were back at  the cars very quickly, the whole journey including breaks only taking 4hrs 45minutes!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Woburn and eversholt

Many thanks to Wendy and Debbie for lovely walk on 21/11/19.

Kind regards

21st November 2019 Woburn to Eversolt 7 miles, led by Wendy and Debbie

What a huge turn-out! 28 ramblers met at the Woburn car park drawn out by the close location promising grassland, the easy parking - and the dry weather forecast! We kept a brisk pace up as we walked through the deer park, past large herds of deer, some statue-like stags, hers of running deer with wide antlers and groups of does peacefully grazing. We thern walked aroung the back of the Scout camp to Milton Bryan where we had our coffee break then through washers wood to Eversholt - the only muddy bit of the whole walk. The last part passed along the gravel path past the abbey and out by the fire station. A really successful walk.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

AGM 2019 was on the 15th November at 7.30am in Toddington Village Hall. After the meeting, there was a cheese and wine party and plenty of time to socialise. Yvonne had her new walks chart ready - the next programme will be out soon with about three dozen walks!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Saturday, November 9, 2019

London bridges

Seventeen of us turned up at Sloane Square station ready to criss-cross the river Thames over 12 bridges, a total of 10 miles. It started off fine, we had our lunch in the dry and then the forecast drizzle set in by about 1.30 - at which point Ruth lost the group and spent the next 2 hours trying to find them again! All were reunited at Weatherspoons!  We saw a very different view of Lonond, passing several areas which we had not vistited before.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Lilley and Telegraph Hill Led by Lynn, 5 ramblers.

It was pouring with rain at 9.30 and gusty wind as well. The five that braved the conditions are to be highly commended.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Toddington to Tingrith via the M1

8 miles led by Ruth

Eight ramblers turned up at the village hall on 17th October to celebrate the 60th birthday of the M1. Undaunted by the promise of muddy fields and rain later, we set off in glorious sunshine, admired the graffiti on the underpass at Junction 12 and passed by Harlington Wood end before returning to the West side across a foot bridge. Ruth provided a brush to sweep the bat droppings from the seat in Tingrith church porch. There were lots of pheasants about. We stayed dry until the last hour when the rain set in, and by then it wasn't far to the pavements of Manor Road

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ivinghoe to the Tring reservoirs

We skirted the Beacon and across field to the back streets of Ivinghoe. We picked up the Grand Union Canal and after a coffee break at a swing bridge, a fast pace was set with a pause for lunch near the Bluebell Café. There was a sort steep bit past a fruitful Damson tree to join the Ridgeway at Albury Nowers, then a path back to the NT carpark. A familiar area using unfamiliar footpaths!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Solvenia holiday

Eighteen ramblers spent a wonderful week in this lovely Alpine country with Saga. We had five guided walks in spectacular scenery, through forests and up mountains with our wonderful guide, Roman. The hotel was luxurious, we made good use of the pool and enjoyed the evening talks as well as the all inclusive bar! On our day off, most went to Lake Bled, but some also hired bicycles and cycled to Italy!

Ruth's pet grasshopper