Friday, October 29, 2021


 Walkers: Lynn (leader), Beryl, Ruth, Sharon, Torunn and Tony P.

We met at the NT car park on Beacon Road near Ivinghoe Beacon but before starting out Lynn asked if everyone would like to extend the planned 7 mile walk by walking up the Beacon, which would be an extra mile or so. Although it wasn’t sunny, it was quite a clear morning, meaning the views from the top should be good, and everyone agreed to do that. Therefore we went down from the car park to the valley below and walked along, then up to the Beacon. It was a little windy at the top but thankfully not too chilly. A kind gentleman offered to take the photo of all of us. 



The route for the walk followed the Ridgeway, which took us down towards and across the road and along past Inchcombe Hole, which was where we stopped for elevenses enjoying the view from there. 


We carried on on the Ridgeway, going through the car park on the Ivinghoe-Aldbury road and up the small hill which Ruth said was known as Paul’s Knob! That’s not on the map!!

As we walked round the top of the ridge, we looked out at the Pitstone windmill and Ivinghoe village beyond; the expanding houses at Pitstone; the chalk pits where an exhausted pit is now a lake and further round the lager College Lake and Marsworth Reservoir. 

 Our route then took us through Aldbury Nowers nature reserve - lovely walking through the woods at this time of year - and then out of the reserve, still following the Ridgeway until reaching a crossroads of paths where we turned left onto the Hertfordshire Way just to the west of Aldbury.


 Once we reached the road, we had to walk a short stretch to get to the next footpath heading towards the escarpment. Lynn had decided we would get this steep climb done and then have lunch rather than lunch at the bottom and have the steep climb to do straight afterwards, so it was a case of slow and steady up this section, finally reaching a perfectly placed fallen tree trunk for us to sit on and eat and have a well-earned rest! 


From our lunch spot, we walked round to the Bridgewater Monument where we could make use of the facilities and then headed north from there past Moneybury Hill Barrow, although that is now fenced off so we couldn’t see the barrow itself. We stayed on the same path up to Duncombe Terrace where we turned right to reach Beacon Road. From there it was about half a mile back to the car park going along a wooded path running parallel with the road.

Although an ice cream van was there to greet us, it was not quite warm enough for any of us to give him any business!

Track of walk

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday 28th October Aspley Heath walk

This walk was 6.5 miles in length, had 10 walkers and was led by Tony Roberts
Originally the walk on this date was to be led by Tony M but as he was unable to lead it Tony R led a different walk in Aspley Heath which was selected as it had sandy soil and was usually free from mud.
We started off from Longslade Lane car park. We were pleased to note that Pete Harding had managed to join us all the way from Co. Durham. We walked up to Sandy Lane and back to Longslade Lane before entering Bell's Copse. This led us to the edge of Woburn Golf Club which we skirted, finding a very bent tree next to the path where we posed for a photo.

John, Penny, Tony R, Hilary, Joan, Torunn, Cathy and Sue with Pete in front
We passed the club house and joined the bridleway, then passed Bow Brickhill church before turning left. Soon we stopped for a water break and immediately went through a gate into a "secret garden" where we had another photo. It was requested by Beryl that the walk should pass through this gate and surprise the walkers, however unfortunately Beryl was not able to join us for the event.

The walkers in the "secret garden" with the large white house in the background.

We walked through this garden down a lane into Bow Brickhill which we left up Church Road where a couple of horses overtook us on the hill. We soon left this road following the horses before finding a long log where we stopped for a coffee break.

Penny, Hilary, Joan, Tony R, Sue, Pete (standing), Torunn, Cathy and John on the log.
We followed the path past the ancient hill fort of Danesborough to the open fields around Edgewick Farm where we encountered a carved bench showing an owl with wings spread and a couple of mice on each end.
Group at the bench with the owl between Joan and Cathy

We carried on to reach Woburn Sands where we crossed the roads near the double roundabout before taking the path off Aspley Hill between the houses and the edge of the woods. We entered the woods looking for a pile of logs where we hoped to stop for a picnic. Unfortunately the logs seemed to have disappeared and we entered an area of low bushes near the quarry.

Looking for our picnic logs.

 Therefore we carried to the cross the main A5130 Woburn Road near Fuller's Earth Lodge. Soon we found a suitable log for our picnic.

Picnic stop.

  After refreshing ourselves we carried on towards the car park passing some dried up ponds on our right. here we stopped for our last photo before arriving back at our transport.

Group at the interpretation board explaining about the ponds.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Thursday 21 October 2021 STOCKWOOD PARK walk

 Leaders  Yvonne   and  Beryl   -     3.5 mile walk

There was a bright blue cloudless sky but a definite nip in the air when  Tony P, Annie,
Sue, Hilary, Ruth, Mary, Penny, Sandra Horncastle and Paul  joined us in one of the car parks.   
Being hardened walkers we wore several layers, hats and gloves and began the walk.    
Stockwood Park which was originally the estate of the Crawley family from 1708 to 1939 is now owned by Luton Borough Council.  Stockwood House was at one time a Hospital for sick children with a hip disease and is now a residential care facility for females with eating disorders

As we passed the London Road entrance to the park we saw a World War 2  Pill Box built in 1940 to protect the Town and Airport  from invasion. It was manned by the Home Guard.  (no sign of Captain Mannering and Co, hiding in the bushes)  

As we walked around the edge of the Golf Course there were areas of fallen autumn leaves to shuffle through topped with very small conkers.   
Our coffee stop was in an open area of the park with, plenty of tables and benches, the most fun ones were shaped like mushrooms and just the right height to perch on     

We then walked across more parkland and footpaths to arrive at the Visitor Centre.   After strolling around the many interesting and charming gardens developed over several years we had our picnic in the outside eating area of the Garden Cafe.

This was a first for me to walk with members I haven't seen for a very long time
It was great !

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Flitwick to Steppingly, Saturday 16th October

 Flitwick to Steppingly, Saturday 16th October,
5 miles 6 ramblers, led by Beryl

Unfortunately Nita was indisposed and therefore unable to lead her walk so Beryl was able to step into the breach and luckily the group did not get lost!. The group (Tony P, Hilary, Joan, Penny, Sharon, Mary, John, Beryl and Eileen who was returning to the group after a long absence) started at the beginning of Katherine’s Walk by the railway bridge off Froghall Road and proceeded on a relatively new hard surface until we reached Fordfield Road.

After a short road walk, which has a new pavement (courtesy of Center Parcs) we dropped down into the woods which encircle the holiday complex. We did a short detour to view Petpiggies (a pig petting venue for children) and then continued through the woods, with a short coffee/banana stop on and by a couple of big logs.

The path led to the lane which rises up to the village of Steppingley and after giving our individual views on the hostelry, The French Horn, we continued alongside the old school buildings down to Flitwick Road, then passing the Flitwick Pumping Station, avoiding some puddles where there has recently been a leak in the water pipes.

The latter part of the walk was on very sandy ground. We climbed the hill and walked the last stretch into Steppingley Road, Flitwick, cutting across a small grassy field (which beautifully cleaned our boots), arriving opposite The Rufus Centre)


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday 14th October Lidlington-Brogborough-walk led by Tony P

 From Lidlington train station and was 7-5 miles with 8 walkers

Walking through the village and across the train tracks we headed towards the Woburn Rd, walking along until we joined the track to take us over the A421


Heading on towards the lake beside Brogborough power station before entering into the nature reserve created from the former landfill site

Making our way up to Holcot woods, where a picnic lunch was taken  

Joining the John Bunyan trail we made our way back towards Lidlington once again crossing the train tracks heading towards our finish point  


Saturday, October 9, 2021

Saturday 9th September Toddington Chalgrave walk led by Tony M

This walk started for Toddington Village Hall car park & was 5 miles in length & had 9 walkers.
This walk was notable as all the men on the walk were called Tony !
We started of by walking past Parkfileds school playing fields where may children were having football practice. We reached Park Rd, turned right & then crossed Station Rd into the churchyard. On exiting the church yard we noticed much activity on the green where tents were being erected for an event.
We walked down Conger Lane before taking the footpath past Conger Hill. We couldn't see far into the distance due to mist. However we were getting warmer and so stopped to take a layer or two off

Hilary, Beryl, Gill, Tony R, Tony M, Kathy, Kate & Anne during a stop to take a layer off.

Tony M, Kate, Beryl, Kathy, Gill, Anne, Hilary, Tony R & Tony P outside Chalgrave church.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thursday 7th October Great Offley walk led but Brenda & David

 The walk started from just outside the Red Lion pub in Great Offley & was 5 miles in length.
There were 8 walkers, of which 6 stayed to lunch at the pub. Sue had booked a table for 6 but was not well & therefore unable to attend. Torunn took her place in the booking,

Tony P, David BB, Torunn, Beryl, Tony R, Hilary, Vivienne & Brenda

Tony P, Torunn, Vivienne, Beryl & Hilary waiting for lunch in the Red Lion
6 of us sat down to a very good "over 50's " lunch in the Red Lion pub

Track of walk, walked  in clockwise direction.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday 2nd October - Harlington/Westoning walk led by Tony Roberts 5.5 miles

This walk should have taken place during June but had to be postponed as Tony was unable to lead it at that time. The walk started from Harlington Village Hall car park which was very full due to junior football games and also a children's party. The walk would have been much better in June as originally planned as marked paths existed between crops at that time. Unfortunately we could not leave it until 2022 as a large housing development is planned for the first section of the route.
Seven of us started at 9.45 am and walked past the station before leaving the road on a footpath across a newly ploughed field. Another ploughed field followed before we came to the new footbridge and then crossed the busy A5120. We then headed for Harlington Woodend  across more ploughed fields but turned right at the large oak tree. We eventually left the ploughed fields to everyone's delight and entered grassy fields. Two of these brought us to Woodend Lane which we followed to the Tingrith Road which we crossed into another field. Thankfully although the footpath went across a growing crop we followed a track and through a break in the hedge into the next field, which contains a woolen horse track.This we crossed and then crossed a footbridge over River Flit into some woods. After leaving the woods we followed a good fenced track to a gate.

Tony R, Penny, Vivienne & Tony P with John, Mary & Sue bringing up the rear.

We then continued into Westoning, past the church, whose toilets were sadly locked, to the A5120 which we crossed at the lights. We continued up Samshill Road and stopped under the railway bridge for our coffee stop. When we restarted our walk the rain had become heavier but we decided against shortening the route as that meant more ploughed fields which we all disliked. Therefore we continued up Samshill road to the crossroads where the track to Sharpenhoe turned off. We followed this track for about 3/4 of a mile before turning right past the back of  the Lovett Green houses. We continued past Bunyan's oak up the hill to emerge on to the road at the top of Abbot's Hill. We then followed Barton Road, past Sue's house, to Bury Orchard and hence the car park.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.