Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Sunday 25th June Warren Wood stroll led by Beryl

Nita initiated this walk but, unfortunately, was unable to lead as she is still recovering from her fall in the Elan Valley.  

Beryl's instructions were to turn down this lane

 However, 5 of us met by Warren Wood, Clophill on a very hot afternoon.   (Linda Billingham, Penny Jamieson, Jean and Malcolm Sykes, and myself, Beryl.)   It was noticeably cooler in the wood and there was a pleasant breeze.   The trees looked beautiful with dappled sunshine dancing on the bright green leaves.   We took our time and had a gentle, amicable meander through the woodland noting much coppicing which had taken place many years ago and a very long, planted, avenue of trees.  We felt we would love to know how the avenue came about.   There was also a huge Redwood towering over all the other trees.   (I can recall pushing my pram through the avenue of trees walking from Silsoe to Clophill to visit a friend over 50 years ago!)

Thursday 22nd June Woburn > Woburn Sands walk led by Tony M

This 6.5 mile walk had 9 walkers and started from the car park opposite Woburn church.
We made our way out from Woburn up and through Crowholt, before crossing the Leighton Rd & on towards the Landonhill plantation.
We then passed through the derelict Horsemoor farm & up to the enclosed reservoir where a water stop was taken.

The water stop
Coffee break at the picnic benches

Then on through New & Old Wavendon Heath, where a coffee break was taken on the picnic benches by the car park. So much has changed in this area with the cutting down of many trees & large logging tracks.
We carried on into Woburn Sands for a well deserved lunch stop at the Fir Tree, where we were then met by Margaret, Bill & Hilda who were joining us.
Leaving the Fir Tree we entered Aspley woods where more logging has recently taken place, down the famous steps.

The group at the bottom of the steps

Then on towards Birchmoor Lodge, where the Duke of Bedford is currently slumming it whilst the main house undergoes major renovations.
Carrying on past the cottages at Birchmoor Green, we were soon on the road back through Woburn & to the car park for the end of a lovely walk on what turned out to be a very hot sunny day with very little air movement.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.


Monday, June 19, 2023

Saturday 17th June Kimpton walk led by Lynn


Unfortunately Lynn's walk coincided with a coach trip to Wisley which attracted many members.
Therefore only Sharon walked with Lynn.

The Boot | Kimpton | Hertfordshire | England

Having been given permission from the landlord of the The Boot Inn to park there, Sharon and I set out walking up Pam’s Lane next to the school. We walked past the allotments and turned left to walk along the back of the houses, then along the edge of the field to the top corner by the road. After crossing the road (very carefully) the path heads down to go through Claggbottom Wood to the open fields of the Ayot Estate. We were not able to go into the Palladian church as the entrance was closed off due to an Art Show being held there, so we walked round to the ruins of the old church to have our elevenses on the bench there. This is always a lovely spot but it was especially nice as there was a very colourful display of roses around plus a local nursery had a plant stall there to raise money for charity. 

From there we followed the Hertfordshire Way to Codicote Bottom and then along the ancient track* alongside the River Mimram from where Codicote Mill was to Kimpton Mill. (*For anyone reading this that may decide to do this walk, there is an information board at the start of this section, which is very interesting).
Still on the Hertfordshire Way, the path turns right, then left on a track towards Rye-end cottages, then goes alongside the river again and on to meet a road. At that point we turned left into the Hoo Park estate and soon after the bridge we turned left into a field and walked up the hill. The path continues alongside a couple of small woods to Hoo Park cottages and shortly after, where the Hertfordshire Way turns right, we turned left to reach a small copse in the middle of the field then turned right to reach Cuckold’s Cross. 
After crossing the B651, the path goes along the field edge next to the wood then on to the field boundary, where we turned left to head back towards Kimpton. A short way on, we turned right through the wood, out into the open to first pass Park Farm, then the cricket club and tennis courts and through the houses back to our start point where we had a very welcome cold drink and tasty lunch.
  Track of walk in blue