Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 4th, Toddington, 6 miles led by Ruth

The legal six met at Toddington Village Hall as usual - but at a later time of 10.30, all resolved to socially distance to the previous requirement of 2 meters, although the new rules are 1m+: the plus being outdoors in quite blustery conditions. It had drizzled as we left home and we were prepared for it to continue, but the day turned out dry and breezy, just right for a walk longer than many of us had done for some time. We walked through Conger Lane to the sand-pits.

After crossing the Flit we walked through Chalton Spinney where we had coffee spread around the interpretation hut. Joan and Hilary went inside, Ruth Torunn, Kate and Beryl braved the wind outside. The flowers were abundant: pyramindal and common spotted orchids, Betony, Agrimony, bedstraw and Knapweed. After a short road walk we crossed fields to gaze at the newish M1: A5 link road and the housing estate in progress. We returned to Toddington approaching Crowbush Farm and all ended up at the Community Gardens at the back of the Methodist Church where we picked raspberries. A lovely walk with good company.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

July Club Walks
July 2nd walk led by Maureen and Malcolm Graham from Westoning to Pulloxhill
Malcolm & Maureen, Sheila & Mike Briggs, Malcolm & Jean Sykes at the start of the walk
Malcolm couldn't wait to get started as rain was forecast later.

We had a lovely walk today, the weather was good with a very small shower, we had great views for miles and beautiful countryside and farms. We crossed lots of fields with wild flowers and abundance of butterflies! mostly  hedgebrowns feeding on blackberry bush flowers. We enjoyed each other’s company at a distance and then all finished the walk with a cup of tea in our back garden and hot cross buns and flapjack


Friday, June 26, 2020

Photos taken during CV lockdown whilst on lone cycle rides or walks with another member.

I regret that spaces appear in this post. They do not appear until the original is saved.
I should be grateful if other members could supply their photos etc. - Tony R

Bluebells in Kingshoe Wood near Flitwick encountered during lone cycle ride


When I was on my bike I met a lady dressed up in uniform.

Beryl & I were looking
Beryl & I were were looking for a footpath which the map showed to cross the M1, however no crossing exists despite the M1 being 60 years old. The council said it was not a priority to update.

Anna & I were looking for some bluebells in the woods
Showing Anna the pond at the Milton Bryan Scout camp site.

Stopped for a rest on a lone walk & noticed the lovely view of the Clappers.

Hilary photographing some cattle in field on the lower path at Sundon Hills country park.

Ruth doing some map reading near Sharpenhoe Clappers.

Spider on roof in Park Road, Toddington.

Whilst walking down Long Lane with Beryl we met Hilda & Val coming the other way.

Hilary on the side of Sharpenhoe Clappers.
Later we came ot a field of daisy like flowers.

Anna having her "bar" after a steep hill climb & then standing by a deer pond in Woburn Deer Park.

 Sue on a walk from Graeme's house to Lilley.

 Unfortunately the Lilley Arms was closed
Therefore we had to have our snack in the churchyard over 2 m apart.

Hilary by Westmill Farm near Hichin on our Oughtonhead walk.

Hilary watching the English long horn cattle on Oughtonhead Common.

Tony R walking along poppy lined road at Pegsdon

Poppy fields above Pegsdon on  walk with Hilary

Sunday, May 10, 2020

 VE 75th Anniversary May 8th 2020

My bedroom window with bunting supplied by Hilary

Pavlova made by daughter Sarah

Front garden party in progress - regret not in photo as taking it

Photo of her house by Pam Green

 2 more photos from Pam Green showing her close on VE75 day

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Saturday March 14th Chipperfield Walk 9 walkers 10.7 miles led by Bev & Keith

Tony R, Beryl, Ruth, Celia, Keith, Bob, Bev, Sue & Geoff

Fallen tree with the walkers
Keith taking the photo
Muddy puddle on the walk.
Track showing walk. Walked in anti-clockwise direction starting from green dot on the Common.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

March 12th, Thursday, Hexton led by Jed and Jenny
Undeterred by the downpour at 9am, the road closure at Sharpenhoe, Corona Virus and the change of date, about 16 ramblers arrived in good time at the Raven Arms ready to walk the 6 miles. It was a lovely walk - sun and fluffy white clouds; a sheltered start up a valley to the Icknield way; a lovely coffee stop at the base of Telegraph Hill with logs to sit on and then a brisk stroll up to Deacon Hill - where we really had to struggle to stay on our feet for the photograph!

 The wind then propelled us down the East side until we reached the shelter of the hill.

Sun and white clouds continued as we passed lambs and sheep, but we could see the grey sky over to the West - it amounted only to a few minutes of drizzle and we ended the walk warm and dry back at the Raven Arms.
Map showing the walk. Walked in anti-clockwise direction starting at green dot

Saturday, March 7, 2020

7th March walk at Sandridge led by Peter Shilladay 7 miles with 11 walkers

This walk started at the Heartwood Forest car park. We then walked through Sandridge village and turned right down House Lane.We passed several farms and a sand conveyor which was not working and covered up. Several of the tracks were lined with daffodils which made a pleasant sight.

Geoff,  Sandra,  Sue , Joan,  Ann,  Linda,  Peter,  Beryl , Ruth,  Tony P  & Tony R  by the daffodils.

We then crossed Coopers Green Lane and continued past some disused greenhouse shells to a garden centre where we stopped for a picnic stop.
 We then walked up Oaklands Lane before turning off and walking through Oaklands College.
Sue and Linda
The walkers in front coming out of Oaklands College grounds

The latter part of this was a building site behind yellow boarding. But then we came to a lane which led out from the site to a main road which we crossed. This led into Marshallswick housing estate which we navigated our way through by means of many short footpaths. After crossing another field we  returned to Sandridge and found our way back to the Heartwood Forest car park. A big than you to Peter for a walk that was new to most of us.
Map showing the walk route. Walked in clockwise direction from  car park at top of map.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Thursday 5th March
This was our coffee morning. The Lounge of Toddington Village Hall was open from 10 am until noon for coffee, looking at the archive books & a general chat. Despite the rain we had a very successful morning with 26 members attending. The archive books were in great demand. It was good to see members who now find walking very difficult. The were most welcome to attend.
Thanks to all who helped and made refreshments..

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Go Easy Walk on Saturday 22nd February 2020    4 Mile Circular Walk from Millbrook Village
Leader Nita McCarthy
Nine ladies really enjoyed a leisurely walk in the sunshine.
At times we were walking on the boundaries of Millbrook Golf Club and through very old wooded areas.
We had several coffee and water stops with lots of opportunities for all of us to get our up to date news.
We wore our Hi-Vis vests for crossing the usually very busy A507 only to find that we were able to cross safely as there was very little traffic!!
We then skirted the boundary of Center Parcs and  had to be careful. It was very muddy, even worse than when we did the recce. We took our time and helped each other
The last stage was a downhill walk through the woods back down into Millbrook Village.
There were two or three inclines which we took our time and did not talk so much!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Walk on Saturday 22nd February - 4 walkers - 12 miles in length led by Bob & Celia Wallace

It was a dry day with temperatures of 11 - 12 degrees, however it was quite windy.
We started the walk from Church Lane Ridgmont, walked past Segenhoe ruined church down a muddy track to Cobbler's Lane.We crossed the road & took the path past Wakes End farm & Briar Stockings to Water End. Here we crossed the road & took the track into Eversholt where we stopped for a coffee break at the Millennium Pond. After sustaining ourselves we walked through the churchyard & along the road before entering the Woburn Estate. We then followed the path up past the now closed gardens & the lake before arriving in Woburn village. The walked down the High Street/Bedford Street to the Bell pub where we met Anna Blomfield for our lunch.
Tony P, Bob W, Celia W & Tony R with the elephants
After lunch we walked past the Village Hall & across the football fields to join Birchmoor Lane & hence past Birchmoor Green & Birchmoor Lodge to join Horsepool Lane. Rather than walk through the muddy fields here we walked along the Lane to join Crawley Road. We again entered the Woburn Estate by Crawley Lodge & eventually made our walk past the wallaby enclosure which had many young visitors.
 We saw elephants here and caught a glimpse of 2 giraffes before they went back into their house to escape the wind
Dumbo came to see us.
Further along we came across some long horn cattle.
We left the wild animals via some very muddy paths & noticed that the bridge over the fence has been demolished thus meaning we had to navigate the muddy gateway our of the safari park. We climbed the hill to the tarmac road which led back to Ridgmont & our cars.
Map showing track of the walk. Started at green dot at top & walked in clockwise direction.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Walks on Thursday 13th February - There were 2 walks on this day

1) A Go Easy walk of 4 miles around Harlington led by Patricia - 6 walkers were on this walk

2) A longer walk of 7 miles around the lakes of Milton Keynes - 16 walkers were on this walk.
The walk, led by Tony R, started at the Hungry Horse pub at Furzton Lake, walked round part of the lake before crossing Watling Street. We then walked between the National Bowl & the A5. The path here was part of a horse trail, with puddles in places. Due to the traffic on the A5 it was quite noisy here. We then walk past all 4 of the Tear Drop Lakes. We stopped at their top end for our coffee break watching the ducks on the lake.

We then passed under Childs Way, where we saw a heron that kept very still watching for fish in the river. We passed within about 2 meters of this bird before it eventually flew to safety on the other side of the river. We then passed many snowdrops before turning away from the river to walk again near the noisy A5. We then walked through a housing estate. On leaving this we passed some workmen repairing the tarmac path before crossing another road & passing under Portway to reach Lodge Lake. We walked round this lake with a short stop at its top for a second short coffee break. We again passed under Portway to enter another housing estate. Here we planned to leave the road & cross the stream using some stepping stones, however due to the recent rains these stones were submerged. Therefore we walked across a bridge before leaving the road to walk along a path parallel to the stream. This led to Bradwell Road &after passing some thatched cottages we crossed the road and walked past more large houses past the site of Loughton Manor & Fishponds. We then again went under Childs Way before arriving back at the Tear Drop Lakes albeit on the opposite side than formally.

Here we stopped for a photo. After these Lakes we walked under Chalfron Way, past the car park of the National Bowl to reach the woods of South Loughton Park. We went under Watling Street to reach the starting point in the pub car park. 6 members left us here before 10 of us went to the pub for lunch. We had a couple of tables on the upstairs floor, where most of us used the 2 meals for £9.99 deal. A good walk was enjoyed by all as the forecast rain held off and the amount of mud was minimal.

Map showing the track of the walk.
Walk done anti-clockwise starting at green dot.