Saturday, September 26, 2020

 Eversholt to Steppingley walk

26th Sept led by Ruth - 7.5 miles

Torrun, Sharon. Ruth, Kate, Tony P & Tony R at the start of the walk

A cold wind but it was dry with hints of sun and we walked briskly and kept warm. Under foot it was mostly grass and gravel and good on the feet.

Torunn, Kate, Sharon, Tony P, Ruth & Tony R at a drink stop in the woods          

We got to Steppingley Church at 11.30, half an hour ahead of time but never the less ate our lunch - or was it elevenses, enjoying the sun on a seat or in the porch out of the wind. The ladies looked around the lovely bright church. We then avoided a large ploughed field by continuing through the village. The rest of the route was mostly the Greensand Ridge Walk, but to avoid retracing our steps we diverted through Tyrells End to admire two ancient houses before returning the Church End Village Hall where we parked. A wedding was just about to start - a limit of 30 guests. How to keep the cost down!

Map showing the track of the walk. Walked in anti-clockwise direction

Thursday, September 24, 2020

 Harlington to Pulloxhill walk 24th September

led by Wendy and Richard Whalley

Vivienne, Ruth, Kate, Patricia, Wendy & Richard at the start of the walk


Thursday, September 10, 2020

 Toddington Circular Walk on 10th Sept.

via Eversholt & Milton Bryan

8 miles, 3.5 hours led by Anthony Price 7 walkers

Beryl, Bob, Ruth, Kate, Cathy & new member Wendy Copper

Bob leading the way through the woods

Kate, Ruth, Bob, Beryl, Cathy & Wendy

Beryl, Cathy, Kate & Bob standing up with Wendy & Ruth sitting down.

Kate, Bob & Wendy on the bench with Beryl, Cathy & Ruth on the grass

Map showing the route walked in anti-clockwise direction

Saturday, September 5, 2020

 Marston Moretaine walk 5th September 6 miles

led by Sheila & Mike Briggs.

In lovely sunny weather we started from Marston Morteyne following the Jubilee Trail through old and new woodland to Marston Thrift. Unlike Ampthill Park, the blackberries here looked beautiful and ready to pick so Sheila managed to get a nice box full. There were lots of spectacular views in all directions. It  was a very enjoyable walk ending by the Manor House where the Club had Christmas Lunch . We also saw the Vicarage where Sir Captain Tom walked 100 miles for the NHS and the unusual Church with a separate  tower. Finally there were lots of beautifully carved wooden benches to admire.

Sheila picking blackberries

The blackberries with a friend

Hilary & Beryl with the others admiring the view

Mike, Nita & Joan in the foreground with Beryl & Hilary at the back

Nita, Joan & Sheila with the others trying to hide.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

 Ampthill Park Blackberry Walk 3rd September

The original walk in mid August was postponed due to a deluge of rain as we arrived at the West Car Park in Ampthill Park.  Therefore, the walk was postponed for 3 weeks.

When we arrived at the Car Park on 3 September it was dull and damp but at least it was not really raining.  There were 8 walkers in the group and a vote was taken at the beginning to decide if we should walk in 2 groups of 4 or continue with 1 group of 8.   The first photo shows the result of the vote - walk in 1 group.

Generally, we walked the perimeter of Ampthill Park, down near Ampthill Park House and up the Lime Walk where we saw badger slides.   Crossing Woburn Street we noted the new McCarthy and Stone Homes being constructed on the site of the old police station.

We then proceeded along the Alameda Walk to the Cenotaph and on across the heathers and silver birch trees of Coopers Hill.   Finally, the blackberries were located near the Rugby pitches down near the Ampthill bypass.   Unfortunately, the blackberries were few and far between – either dried and shrivelled, waterlogged or unripe.  Still a few of us made an effort and the results are shown in final photograph!

4 of the group returned direct to their cars and 4 had a drink at The Hub in the Park where we enjoyed a socially distanced, rainy chat under a big “sunshade”.

The vote for staying in one group of 8 walkers.

The end result - Not a good year for blackberries.

The route walked in clockwise direction

Friday, August 28, 2020


Blows Downs Walk - Thursday 27th August. Approx. 4 miles.  leader Yvonne

Five members joined me for this walk. - Beryl, Ruth, Penny, Cathy and Christine.   It was a different section this year which started from Tesco's car park, Dunstable.   We left the car park and entered a field which took us through a playground where three ladies decided to try out the zip wire (nice to be a child again)   A short road walk took us on to the Downs lower path and through a chalk quarry area.  Looking to our left there were tracks up to the top ridge.  Not for us though with me as Leader.  
To the right we were looking down to the Luton Dunstable Busway.   
Some of the path was single file and at one point workers were clearing back brambles etc.   
We didn't see many other walkers .   The last section back to car park was along the busway being aware of cyclists as we know the don't have bells!
Really glad it was a morning walk - the afternoon was rather wet.

Monday, August 24, 2020

 Burial of Kathy Serpell-Morris held at Harlington Garden Cemetery 

24th  August 2020 at 3.30pm

The funeral service had already taken place at Nevill's chapel in Leagrave. Due to Covid-19 this was restricted to family & close friends.

Shortly before 3.30 pm the hearse & cars carrying the family & close friends arrived at HGC.


About a dozen members of TRC attended, whilst many others sent their apologies for not attending due to a variety of reasons..

 Rev Nigel Washington officiated at a manly non religious service at the grave side which was in the woodland area at the rear of the cemetery. the service included the following poem.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

 Flitwick Moor Walk 20th August. 3 + miles led by Hilary

This walk started from outside the White Hart in Flitton.

Hilary, Bob, Beryl, Annie & Chris outside the Jack Crawley Memorial Barn on Flitton Moor
Joan, Hilary, Chris, Annie, Bob & Beryl by the gate. 
Bob, Chris, Beryl, Annie, Tony P & Joan
Tony P, Annie, Chris, Bob, Joan & Beryl

Map showing the walk route.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

 Thursday 13th August

This should have been two 3 mile blackberry walks mainly in Ampthill Park led by Beryl & Tony R

Unfortunately there was a thunderstorm at the time the walks were programmed to start & therefore the walk was postponed to 3rd September.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

 Saturday August 8th  Hockliffe, 8.5 miles, three ramblers led by Ruth

There were origianlly six booked on this ramle but visitors and a hot forecast resulted in three cancelleations, giving the three remaining ramblers a chance to agree to set off early at 9am to avoid the worst of the heat. It was lovely and cool with good views across the field with Leighton Buzzard church steeple in view. Later there was a glad of trees to and from the light railway line on Mile End Road. 



On the way to Battlesden we had a break under a welcome solitary oak tree then caught a welcome breeze as we walked across fields to and from Tebworth. No-one elected for the shortcut, all glad of a longer walk to increase our fitness. 

 Thursday August 6th, 3 miles 6 ramblers, Flitwick Wood led by Joan

A slight dampness in the air was welcome after the endless heat and it was lovely and cool in the woods. Blackberries were starting to ripen and a few were eaten on the way. Five of us finished in Joan's garden for a cup of herbal tea.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

July 30th, Thursday. Toddington and surrounds. 4 ramblers led by Ruth, 6.5 miles

We started by setting out around the fields behind Alma Farm, disturbing the guard dog. Many of the kissing gates were overgrown. We then had an interesting chat with a resident of Tebworth who was walking home from work at the farm, and crossed the road at the Tebworth/Chalgrave road junction. Next it was fields to the golf course where we had a brief snack and water - it was a very hot sunny day, before returning via Conger Lane.

Kate, Beryl and Hilary during the walk.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

July 23rd Toddington Walk led by Kathy Tabor - 6 miles
A most enjoyable walk. We were joined by a new member Chris Heather. Chris has been walking with Kate and Kathy for a few weeks. We arranged for Beryl to join us with her enrolment forms.

Kate, Beryl, Annie, Chris & Kathy

Annie, Chris, Kate, Beryl & Kathy

Beryl having her banana, Chris with her apple & Kate sitting down with Tony P & Annie standing up in Chalgrave churchyard.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

July's walks

THURSDAY 2nd JULY   -   Pulloxhill  5 miles     Meet 10 am  15 @  Westoning. 

SATURDAY 4th JULY   -   Toddington  6 miles    Meet 10 am   @ Toddington Village Hall    

THURSDAY 9th JULY   -   Silsoe     6 miles    Meet 10 am    @ Wrest Park     Picnic at End  

THURSDAY 16th JULY   -   Harlington     7 miles    Meet 10 am @ Harlington Village Hall    

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Harlington Walk 16th July 6 walkers 6.5 miles 3.5 hours led by Tony Price

Sharon, Torunn, Patricia, Vivienne and Tony Price at the Harlington Village Hall for the walk start.

Annie,Vivienne,Torunn,Patricia & Sharon walking through Harlington Spinney

Through to Dyers Hall farm where we crossed the road & along the Bottoms. Taking the track leading up to Moleskin Hill where a water break was taken. Then walking below Sharpenhoe Clappers through to Sharpenhoe village where another break was taken outside the old pub.

Returning to Harlington via the track leading to water off meadow, following this along until the footbridge and crossing the second bridge when we again reached the Bottoms where the track for Harlington was taken and headed back to the village hall.

Map showing the walk route, walked in anti-clockwise direction.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

July 9th 2020 Silsoe to Clophill, led by Jill. 5 walkers

Five of us met at Wrest Park today for a seven mile walk.

 The steps of the house seemed a good place for Ruth, Torunn, Sharon and Beryl to practice their social distancing skills, before heading off up the bridleway towards Gravenhurst. We skirted round the village and then headed north over the fields to Cainhoe Manor Farm. After the previous night's rain we all added a few kilos of mud to our boots as we went through some oat fields, but we were soon on drier ground as we joined the road and crossed the A507.

Our coffee stop was taken on top of the Castle Hill Motte and Baileys with lovely views over towards the lakes of the old Fuller's Earth quarries and Clophill village. I had previously been warned about a large quantity of Giant Hogweed as we neared Clophill and this generated a lot of discussion and effort to agree on it's identification. (note from Ruth - I'm sure its not Hogweed. Possibly Hemlock.) We headed back to Wrest Park via Clophill and Silsoe and finished our walk with a picnic under the trees. The weather was kind to us, so it was a very enjoyable morning with good company.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 4th, Toddington, 6 miles led by Ruth

The legal six met at Toddington Village Hall as usual - but at a later time of 10.30, all resolved to socially distance to the previous requirement of 2 meters, although the new rules are 1m+: the plus being outdoors in quite blustery conditions. It had drizzled as we left home and we were prepared for it to continue, but the day turned out dry and breezy, just right for a walk longer than many of us had done for some time. We walked through Conger Lane to the sand-pits.

After crossing the Flit we walked through Chalton Spinney where we had coffee spread around the interpretation hut. Joan and Hilary went inside, Ruth Torunn, Kate and Beryl braved the wind outside. The flowers were abundant: pyramindal and common spotted orchids, Betony, Agrimony, bedstraw and Knapweed. After a short road walk we crossed fields to gaze at the newish M1: A5 link road and the housing estate in progress. We returned to Toddington approaching Crowbush Farm and all ended up at the Community Gardens at the back of the Methodist Church where we picked raspberries. A lovely walk with good company.