Saturday, July 29, 2023

Saturday 29th July Chairman's Garden Party

The event was planned for the week before but as the weather forecast was horrendous it was postponed for a week. A great decision!
We had 34 members enjoying themselves on a bright sunny afternoon in Harlington with a lot of food brought by members themselves. Many cups of tea were served.

Wendy, Viv, Joan & Bob

Janet, John & Penny

Beryl & Mary

Bob talking to the Toddington crowd

Celia with the Chairman
Several members visited Cynthia for a chat which was greatly appreciated.

Nita, Cynthia & Hilary

Nita, Cynthia & Sandra Horncastle

Annie, Tony P, Paul & Richard

Friday, July 28, 2023

Thursday 27th July Ridgmont > Woburn Estate led by Sharon

This walk has 14 walkers and was 6 miles in length
We started off by crossing the M1 twice within a short period

The 14 walkers

Track of the walk, walked in clockwise direction

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Thursday 20th July Whitwell > Stagenhoe > Bendish walk led by Tony P.

This 7.5 mile had 18 walkers and started from the Recreation Ground in Whitwell, carrying on through the village before joining the Hertfordshire Way, crossing the river Mimram we made our way up to large house,The Bury part of the Bowes-Lyon estate.
Continuing along the tracks we passed All Saints church before walking on towards Stagenhoe
Walking through Foxholes & Park Woods, we then made our way down past the farm at Stagenhoe bottom, where some road walking brought us onto the path at Church lane.

As the ford was in flood we had a detour over the wooden bridge 

Reaching the top of Church Lane, we all stopped in the shade for a well earned coffee break 

Suitably refreshed we passed Pickering farm that looked more like a scrap yard.
Passing Bendish we continued along to Holt Farm 

Coming to the first of four styles, we carefully made our way through the fields where a couple of frisky horses followed the group


 We passed through Horsleys wood where a picnic lunch was taken in the glorious sunshine
Crossing the road at Cuckolds cross we walked through the wheat fields bringing us back towards Whitwell 


Before returning to our cars for the end of a thoroughly enjoyable walk, on a hot sunny day with a slight breeze keeping us cool at times.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Thursday 6 th July. Turvey to Carlton walk led by John W.

This walk of about 5.5 miles was enjoyed by 12 walkers and began from the car park of The Three Fyshes in Turvey, north Bedfordshire.
The walk started by passing through the grassy fields of the Turvey Abbey for about a mile before meeting and crossing the busy A428 onto the track beside Priory Farm. The main part of the walk followed wide paths through fields of ripening wheat, barley and oats and also fields with tall swaying grasses. Tall thistles left unchecked were a major attraction to swarms of butterflies.

The walk then headed toward the village of Carlton with the attraction of the Emmaus complex where it was all agreed that a coffee and quick look round the various shops would provide a welcome break. 

 We left at 12:30 and once again followed the lovely well kept tracks between arable crops back towards Turvey. 8of us then enjoyed a pleasant lunch in The Three Fyshes.





Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Thursday 29th June Barton > Galley Hill walk led by Tony P.

This 7 mile walk had 15 walkers and started from Old Rd in Barton
Taking a short walk up the road, we turned onto the footpath that leads us towards the Barton Hills nature reserve.
Not entering the reserve, we proceeded to climb the incline leading out from Barton.
We then entered the reserve and walked through a very wet Leet Wood on the edge of the reserve.

 Retuning to the tracks, we continued towards the Barton Hill Rd, where we crossed with care along with a short stretch of road walking we were soon on our old friend the John Bunyan trail.

We then joined the Icknield Way, where a coffee break was taken on the logs leading up to Mortgrove Farm.
Invigorated by the break we continued along the hedgerows & tracks, before joining the John Bunyan trail once again, leading up to Galley hill.
Diane leading the pack
We entered the nature reserve for our well deserved picnic lunch, overlooking the delights of the golf course and the Luton housing estates in the distance.
Picnic Time
Cathy, Sue & Kate at the picnic stop
Once suitably refreshed, we made our way through the reserve down towards the golf course.

Kate leading the way

Crossing the course safely, we entered Maulden Firs, continuing alongside the hedgerows and fields until we came to cross the Barton Hill Rd once again.

John at the front
Care was taken crossing & walking along the road, until we joined the footpath leading us back towards Barton

Taking care walking down the footpath as debris was everywhere after the hedges were recently cut with the tractor cutting machine.
Making it back to Old Road for the end of a very enjoyable if not wet at times walk on an overcast sometimes sunny day with a nice temperature for walking. 

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction