Friday, September 30, 2022

Thursday 29th September Woburn walk led by Penny

This 6 mile walk was led by Penny There were 13 walkers on this walk
Leaving the car park we made our way out through the village and on towards Speedwell cottages, where we followed the track into the deer park


 Continuing through the park and past Chain bridge, we headed out along the paths leading up to Paris House, through many herds of deer that were in this part of the estate this morning.

Leaving the estate, we made our way through to Milton Wood, where a well deserved break was taken.

We walked through the small bamboo plantation, before joining the Greensand ridge path back into the Woburn estate

Walking past the Abbey, with the still ongoing building works, past the ponds which had very low water levels.

We continued through to the stables at Park farm and carried on towards Upper Drakeloe ponds, whilst  heading back towards the car park, for the end of a very enjoyable walk.
Thanks to Anthony Price for the write-up & pictures

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sunday 25th September Maulden walk led by Brigid & Andy

This 3 mile walk had 7 walkers. It was the first club walk led by Brigid and Andy. We started from Maulden Recreation Ground, walked up the Brache before turning off on a footpath which led behind some houses and eventually to the churchyard. We then descended on the path past the George. We crossed George Street, walked past some cottages before crossing the main a footpath which led us past allotments to a nature reserve with boardwalks, a steam and several ponds.

Tony R, Annie, Tony P, Brigid, Andy, Penny & Hilary

After leaving this nature reserve we retraced our steps for a while before passing more allotments to enter Duck End Lane, where two of our former members lived. This led to Flitwick Road which we followed to join Ampthill road & hence back to our cars.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Friday, September 23, 2022

Thursday 22nd September Toddington Walk led by Cathy & Neil

This 7 mile walk had 12 walkers and was led by Cathy & Kate

Leaving the village hall, we walked past the church before crossing the road for the field tracks leading us towards the motorway subway, where we were able to admire the latest artwork 

Passing through Redhills farm we made our way on towards Harlington Wood end, where we crossed over the motorway bridge, to be greeted with the farmer ploughing the field.

Walking on through the field towards Tingrith, a break was taken in the shelter.
We then headed out through the village towards Castle farm, taking the track up to Washers Wood

Another well deserved break was taken here in the sunshine, before settling off towards Toddington Park.

Finally passing through our last field, we headed back through the village to the village hall and the end of the walk, on a nice sunny morning
Anthony Price


Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction



Thursday 15th September Sundon Hills Walk on Bedswalkfest

This was the second walk led by TRC on the Bedfordshire Walking Festival programme.
The 5.5 mile walk that started from Sundon Hills car park, was led by Tony Roberts & had 12 walkers
We left the car park by the gate at the south end of the car park & walked across a meadow to another gate which led into the woods. After a very short flat path we soon came to some steps down & then up. This led into the old chalk pit which still has craters from mortar practice by American troops during the 2nd world war. We climbed out of the chalk pit to admire the wonderful views over Bedfordshire.

We then continued our way along the base of the hills before turning off up a steeply rising path to cross the road & enter Sharpenhoe Clappers car park.. We had a short break at the seats & table for refreshments. We then circumnavigated The Clappers before leaving to again cross the road and enter the woods. This led along the top of the hills back to the car park.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday 10th September Harlington to Pulloxhill walk

This walk was on the first day of the Bedfordshire Walking Festival
It was led by Tony Price and had 30 walkers
We started form Harlington Village Hall car park & walked across Bury Orchard to Barton Road which we followed for almost half a mile before turning off into fields with views of Bunyan's Oak and Sharpenhoe Clappers. We followed footpaths to Pulloxhill where we had a picnic behind the church. After leaving Pulloxhill we crossed many fields of cattle before stopping for a group photo 

Group photo of the 30 walkers

We then walked past the ruined farm house before crossing the road at Mill End. We made our way along paths to The Bottoms and then followed paths back across the sports field to Bury Orchard.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.


Thursday 8th September Toddington walk

This 5 mile walk had 16 walkers and was led by Kathy
Meeting at the village hall, we made our way out towards Conger Lane follow the track down Conger Hill and on to Horse Hill farm.
Crossing the road and joining the path taking us through the small plantation of Fancott Feoffee  farm, leading us towards the fish ponds and Chalgrave Manor, passing through the farm we made our way along the track up to Chalgrave church for a coffee stop

Lingering in the church yard, the break was brought to a sudden end with a short sharp blow of the whistle signalling that we should be on our way.

 Leaving the church, we crossed the road and made our way down Chalgrave Road, turning into the fields with the tracks leading through to the small nature reserve,
This brought us out on the playing field next to the fire station
We continued our way through the houses and back to the village hall for the end of a very enjoyable walk.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction.


Thursday 1st September Bancroft Park walk

This 3.5 mile walk had 4 walkers and was led by Penny
Leaving the Loughton Valley car park, we made our way towards the ruins of the Bancroft Roman Villa

Tony P, Tony R, Sandra, & Penny.

Penny, Tony P, Sandra, & Tony R in front of the old chapel

Sandra, Penny, Tony P & Tony R with the concrete cows

Track of walk