Saturday, June 26, 2021

Thursday 3rd June Wrest Park, 7 ramblers, 7 miles led by Jill

We were lucky to have a lovely sunny day for our walk on the 3rd June when seven of us met in the car park at Wrest Park. Setting off to the east on the track towards Gravenhurst we'd soon climbed our first incline and could look back over Wrest Park with Silsoe village in the background. As we came into Gravenhurst we took the public footpath opposite the school, skirting round the side of the village until we joined the route heading north towards Cainhoe. The fields here can be very wet after heavy rain, often meaning a detour via the road is needed. But a few dry days meant a clear easy route through the corn fields that soon brought us to Cainhoe Manor Farm. After a short walk along the road we crossed over the A507 and made our way to Cainhoe Castle - a mound on the site of an old motte and bailey. The mound provided an ideal spot for a coffee break, giving us lovely views over the lakes created in the old Fuller's Earth quarries which are now being turned into a nature reserve. The footpath around the lakes took us into Clophill village. We returned to Silsoe via a track at the side of the petrol station which eventually led us onto the High Street and down Park Drive back to Wrest Park. Different estimates of the distance were given, but it was just under 7 miles.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday 19th June

 Lilley & Telegraph Hill Walk led by Lynn - 6 miles - 7 walkers

After having heavy rain all day Friday, it was a relief to see the forecast was for Saturday to be dry until later in the afternoon. However, it was drizzling when we met in Lilley’s village hall car park, so a couple of us who had not worn or taken our waterproof trousers were rather worried we’d made the wrong decision!
Six of us set out from there - Beryl, Joan, Nita, Sharon, Tony P and myself- and met Brenda near The Lilley Arms from where we headed down the lane and along the track to eventually meet the Icknield Way. We had already passed some horse riders and one or two walkers and cyclists but as we got to the Icknield Way it suddenly became like Piccadilly Circus, with numerous cyclists and joggers as well as walkers! Fortunately, very few were heading north so we were soon able to walk without having to keep moving over. We stopped for our elevenses along this stretch, by which time we had warmed up after the unseasonably chilly start.

Coffee Break with Lynn, Brenda & Sharon
Soon after,  we reached the Hexton Road at Mountgrove Farm, where we have to walk the short stretch along the grassy verge and this was where I realised I made the wrong decision about not wearing my waterproofs or gaiters. In the two to three weeks since my reccie, the grass and cow parsley had grown so high and the rain had then weighed it all down so we had to wade through it. My trousers were soaked by the time we reached the bend to cross over and continue up to Telegraph Hill! Thank goodness they dry out quickly.
Beryl, Lynn, Joan, Nita & Brenda walking along the track

Beryl, Nita & Brenda in the foreground
This is a lovely part of the Icknield Way, especially in Spring when the new green of the leaves on the trees is so vibrant. When I did the reccie, it was a sunny day and there was so much bird song. Even on the grey, drizzly day of the walk, we heard quite a lot. At the top, you could make a little detour on a good day to look at the views from Pegsdon Hills but the weather on the day didn’t make that worth doing so we turned right and headed back in the direction of Lilley.
A little further on we took the diagonal path across the crop field to walk along the Woodside edge until we reached The Baulk to our right - a steep path into Lilley - but turned left to walk through a small wood, then turn right and go down the slope to Lilley Hoo Lane, with views across the other side of the A505
Lynn, Beryl & Brenda leading the way

Beryl on the swing

Just after reaching the lane, we took the RH path and followed the path up the hill, where there is a welcome bench at the top with views of Lilley below and Warden and Galley Hills beyond. This is also where Beryl made us all smile when she had a go on the swing hanging from the trees there!
From there, we walked down the other side, across a couple of fields, one full of golden yellow buttercups, and back into the village.

Brenda, Lynn, Tony P, Joan, Nita & Beryl 
Everybody seemed to enjoy the walk and it was lovely for me to see people I haven’t seen for a long time because of the pandemic. My thanks to all of you for joining me.

Map showing the track of the walk, walked in clockwise direction

Friday, June 18, 2021

Thursday 10th June

Shorter Walk - Streatley/Sharpenhoe (Hunt for Orchids)  4 miles

Hilary Jackson led our walk. Richard Collar, Rosemary Chislet, Penny Jamieson, Joan Bray and Anna Blomfield met Hilary at the Streatley roundabout car park on the A6 and walked to Sharpenhoe Clappers where we had a lovely morning walking through the woods and finding orchids in the wildflower meadows. 

Some of the orchids we saw

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday 17th June 2021 Woburn Sands Walk

 There were 6 walkers today on this 5 mile walk which was led by Penny Jamieson round Woburn Sands  & Aspley Guise.

Tony Price, Penny Jamieson, Malcolm Sykes, Beryl P & Jean Sykes

Penny, Annie, Malcolm, Beryl & Jean

Annie, Penny, Malcolm, Jean & Beryl at the golf club.

Map showing track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Thursday 10th June,

Longer Walk   Ivinghoe Beacon, 8 walkers led by Ruth

We met at the carpark below Paul's Knob and headed past Incombe Hole to the top of Step's Hill, then picked our way North with good views of the windmill, Ivinghoe Village and Town Farm.

We crossed the road at the base of the beacon - no orchids at all! What has happened to them this year? We climbed up to the tumuli then to the trig point of the beacon where we had a short rest and water stop and admired the view.
We walked down Gallows Hill, through the dense conifer plantation of The Combe and up the many steps, stopping for a banana break at the top. Next, fields past Ringshall Woods and through the complex maze of paths and bridleways to the monument for lunch - where we bumped into Malcolm and Maureen! After a chat, we then returned to Paul's Knob: six ramblers had to climb its modest peak, and two had had quite enough and headed to the car park.


Those with GPS plotters argued about the distance. Two said 9 miles, two said 8, my piece of string voted 8 miles, but it was felt for morale's sake to go with 9 miles .... unlikely in 4.5 hours with three breaks!  

Monday, June 14, 2021


Other Walkers  -  Beryl Pengilley, Brenda Howard, Hilary Jackson, Sue Fox, Mike and Sheila Briggs

The weather was perfect . Glorious sunshine and blue skies.Most of the time we were walking in the shade.We started from Millbrook Village on the Green Sand Ridgewalk, walked around the Golf Course which looked absolutely perfect.

Sue exploring the old pump house

Beryl, Nita, Sheila, Mike & Brenda

We safely crossed the A 507 , Leader and Back Marker wearing TRC High Vis  jackets. remarkably the road was clear !!

Hilary, Nita, Sheila & Beryl

 We then walked beside Center Parcs boundary. Still a bit muddy but no problem.

Coffee break on old sleeper steps.I was then able to relate various details of  of history and points of interest relevant to Millbrook.

Nita, Hilary, Brenda, Mike, Beryl & Sheila                 Beryl, Brenda, the Briggs, Nita & Hilary  

Sue, Beryl, Brenda, Mike & Nita

Once again crossed A507 and joined Katherine's Walk down through the woods and back into the Village. Then we took the long quite steep path up to the Church, through the graveyard and down through the Meadow. Fantastic views over to Cardington Hangers.

Completed the walk down the hill to where we had parked our cars.

A great way to spend a Saturday morning (quoted by a member )

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


On Thursday 20 May Hilary, Penny, Sharon, Torunn Brenda and Beryl set off to walk approximately 5 miles from Pegsdon up to Hoo Bit and on to the top of Deacon Hill to the trig point. 

While we were at the trig point Penny commented that she could recall when it was painted pink. On closer inspection we did see some pink pigment in various places showing through the worn grey paint.

We continued down the hill and across to Knocking Hoe where we had a lunch stop and proceeded back down to Pegsdon.

After the walk Penny emailed a photograph which she had taken on a ramble many years ago and sure enough the trig point was painted a dusky pink! 


Saturday, June 5, 2021

 Saturday 5th June 2021 Wrest Park - Higham Gobion 

led by Brenda 6 miles 6 walkers

Beryl, Brenda, David BB, Sue & Kate; photo by Tony P
Track of walk

Friday, June 4, 2021

 Thursday 27th May Toddington, Upper Sundon, Chalton & Fancott Walk led by Cathy Tabor.

8 walkers -  7.6 miles

Beryl, Hilary, Cathy and Neal in the foreground with the others looking on.

Cathy & Kate.

Cathy, Christine, Kate & Neal

Hilary, Beryl, Tony P, Christine, Torunn, Cathy & Kate 

Map showing track of the walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction