Saturday, October 24, 2020

Elephant walk, 24th October, lead by Ruth, 7miles

 A repeat of last week, with 5 ramblers. 

This week we were ready with cameras to photograph a bear - just as the loudspeaker asked us to return to the footpath!  



We spent some time watching wallabies, and people on the zip wire of the Go APE

As hoped, we managed to get back to the car-park at WOburn befor the ownpour.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pirton to Oughton Head walk led by Tony Roberts on 22nd October

 There was a full compliment of 6 walkers for this 6.5 mile walk.

We started from the Recreation Ground in Pirton which has ample car parking during week when no sports activities are taking place. We walked under the walnut trees, past a notice warning of a wasp's nest to join the Hambrdge Way. We followed this until we came a crossing of tracks where we turned right into Mill Way. At this point we could see some dark clouds approaching and after a few minutes the rain started.. Several of us donned waterproofs, sue even putting her overtrousers on. However this rain some ceased and the sun appeared so soon after stopping at Westmill farm for a photo we took our waterproofs off. 

Beryl, Lynn, John D, Tony P, Sue & Tony R in front of Westmill farm 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Elephant walk, October 17th 2020. 7 miles led by Ruth

This late addition to the calender booked up fully within a few hours.  Ruth worried that we were going to have 7 ramblers - not entirely illegal as we are a regulated sporting activity, but beyond the club guidelines. No need to stress - 6 set off from Woburn car park with the sun shining!" Lots of deer in the Woburn deer park, then we headed for the bear enclosure. Before we could turn on the camera to photograph a large black bear, a loudspeaker instructed us to return to the footpath. 

We paused for a swig of water at the entrance to the Safari Park, commented on the entrance fee - £29 per adult, £19 per child -  then passed the footpath that goes down the side of the elephants - the one that is to be diverted.  They have made it difficult to see for free with the netting. But we have ways and means of taking photographs!

There were several females on the left and a big male on the left. We also saw half a dozen ostriches, then later a few wallabies. Freeview over, we stopped for coffee on a log then made for the road, turning right. Ruth kept holding the group up by picking up chestnuts.

We turned down a small footpath before reaching Husborne Crawley village hall. It looked as if it went into someone's garden but soon it passed through a newly planted woodland and into Crow Lane. As I had hoped, no-one had ever walked this footpath before. We then had lunch at Husborne Crawley church, admiring the greensand stones. There was plenty of seating, in the Lych gate, in the porch or out on a grave stone. We then headed towards Aspley Guise and to Birchmoor farm, passing some wonderful fungi growing on the stumps of the old horse chestnut tree.  I couldn't confidently identify them so sadly they are not to be eaten.

The bridge had been removed at the shortcut to the playground. Some of us jumped over the stream, Beryl and Hillary decided to go the long way round  To our amazement they were well ahead of us on the high street - obviously it is NOT a shortcut!

The walk will be repeated next Saturday due to demand.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Harlington circular walk via Sundon hills & Sharpenhoe clappers. 7.5 miles led by Tony Price

Start of the walk with Nita, Kate, Chris, Cathy, Tony P and John D

Heading out from Harlington leaving the spinney and heading towards Sundon hills country park following the John Bunyan trail through to Sharpenhoe Clappers.

Lunch being taken at the clappers just as the rain started

Walking back through Moleskin hill and the tracks back towards the finish at Harlington village hall

Track showing the route of the walk done in the anti-clockwise direction.


Monday, October 12, 2020


Woburn to Milton Bryan, Thursday 1st October 2020, led by Nick and Debbie, 7 miles