Friday, December 29, 2023

Thursday 27th December, Toddington to Tebworth, 3 ramblers, 5 miles

At last, the walk postponed from the Xmas lunch. Only three of us, but a good pace and back well before lunch. We set off round the back of Alma Farm Yard, past the barking dog and through farmyard mud, but once we got through the kissing ate onto the fields beyond it turned into a lovely walk, field boundaries to the tall scaffolding tower. Beryl, or course, had to try to climb it! 

 We continues to Tebworth lane, had a coffee break on a bench for three, then turned East through lush green pastures and several stiles until we reached the Tebworth Road. As the permissive path consisted of water-filled ruts, we continued to the footpath that leads to the Glebe, returning via the woodland brook. This was unfortunately a bit muddy - hardly surprising after the days of rain. 


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sunday 18th December Willen Lake Santa Dash led by Beryl


On our journey to Milton Keynes Anna, Hilary and Beryl started the day in high spirits when we saw a procession of over 30 highly decorated tractors – both old and new – plus vintage cars - in Anna’s country lane.

Hilary, Vivienne, Joan, Sue, Anna, Beryl, Kate & Brenda at the car park

All those hoping to see the Santa Dash managed to get to the Canalside Car Park in good time to set off at exactly 10 am. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll and were fortunate to arrive at the Santas’ route around Willen North Lake just as the front runners sped through. Then the Santas kept coming – more and more. So many costumed. cheerful, smiling, laughing Santas plus tiny Santas and Doggie Santas. It was great fun to see them all.


We continued round to Willen Hospice and by that time many of the Santas had completed the circuit and were in line for their richly deserved hot dogs and mince pies. We enjoyed some coffees, soup and mince pies before setting off on the second part of our stroll. The wind was keen beside the huge lake but our path was more sheltered when we went through some woodland, to a Bird hide and alongside Gulliver’s World back to our cars. 

 All agreed that they had enjoyed their Sunday Stroll in Milton Keynes and there wasn’t much mud to clean off our boots when we arrived home!

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Saturday 9th December Christmas Lunch

The 2023 Christmas Lunch was held at Tilsworth Golf Centre. 

This was preceded by a 5 mile Christmas Walk to the West of Toddington, led by Ruth.
It was a rather wet day. Here is the photo of us setting out from the car park!

As Ruth had already walked the route twice this week in better weather, she went home!!

Here are some impromptu photos from the lunch; I hope some members can add more better ones

Thursday 7th December Tewin walk led by John D

This 7 mile walk was originally planned for last month but had to be postponed due to the bad weather.
Four of us met in the Tewin  car park across the road form the Plume of Feathers. We walked past St Peter's church where we had a group photo.

Tony R, Tony P, Hilary & John outside the church

John D, Tony P & Tony R in the churchyard

 We continued alongside the river Mimran before crossing it twice. We passed several; large properties including a house with 2 cats on the roof.
The house with 2 cats

We then headed north towards Bramfield Park Wood which we skirted.  We arrived in Bramfield for our coffee break outside the village hall.  We left then down Bury Lane before leaving the lane across a very muddy field to enter Bramfield Park Wood. Leaving this wood we joined the road at Queen Hoo Hall & followed the road down Tewin Hill towards Tewin. On the way we encountered a silver dinosaur.

John, Tony P & Hilary in front of the dinosaur.

 Here we phoned the Plume of Feathers pub to try & book a table for lunch only to be told they were not open that day until 3 pm. So we made our way back to the car park feeling hungry.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Satirday 2nd December Sue's Harlington Christmas Tree Festival Walk

This 5 mile walk stated from Harlington Village Hall car park at 10am
7 eager members joined me on a very chilly crisp frosty morning. Well Done!
We walked across to Bury Orchard and followed what my grandchildren call the ‘fairy walk’ to Lincoln Way where we met Tony.R
We then headed  down the steep track,  which was muddy in places, to Willow Farm and along Bottoms Road branching off through a small copse where we all said  how ‘clear’ the running river was! It caused quite a laugh between us.  Through the copse looking at the flowers and webs covered in frost

Paul, Sandra, Hilary, Tony R, Tony P, Mandy & Beryl

Even though it was very chilly we managed to stop for coffee before crossing the new bridge heading 
towards Moleskin Hill sign post.
Looking back at the freezing fog over towards Sharpenhoe Clappers.
We followed the path through the woods, muddy in places, ducking under a fallen tree. Chatting and enjoying each others company.
Crossing the field back down towards Lower End avoiding the muddy field we retraced the path and found a better track still crisp with ice in places.
Through the woods towards Bury Orchard and then to the car park where we changed our boots and went to the Harlington Christmas tree festival in St Mary’s Church. 
Christmas Tree by Sue, Beryl & Tony R

 Lots of decorated Christmas trees to guess what pantomime they were decorated to from children to adults. There was also beautiful craft stalls, a raffle, live music and we sat enjoying the refreshments.
Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Thursday 30 th November 2023 7 miles led by Neil Tabor

Fifteen ramblers met at TVH where we welcomed Alexis on her first walk.
It was a crisp sunny morning as we made our way across the fields towards Featherbed Lane.
En route we encountered one curious sheep; the others turned tail and showed us their bottoms.


Nearing Houghton Regis we crossed the new bypass 


and eventually arrived at Wingfield.
We really enjoyed lunch at the Plough before heading towards Tebworth then back to Toddington.

Lunch at The Plough

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Thursday 23rd November Silsoe walk 6 miles led ny Ged

19 walkers started from Wrest Park and walked along the front of Wrest house & then turned right to walk through Whitehall Plantation & cross the road at Ion Lodge. A tractor was working in the field opposite so we walked along the road for a short distance before entering the field & walking parallel to the road.
At the end of the field we rejoined the road leaving it on the path at Hanscombe End. We then walked up to Shillington Church where we stopped for a well earned coffee break.


Diane, Sue & Beryl taking their refreshments

 We left the church & walked past the back of some houses in Shillington

We then took a field path towards Lower Gravenhurst

Joy John and Diane, abundance of berries.

Wendy and Hilary among the beautiful yellow leaves

At Lower Gravenhust we turned right climbing up to Upper Gravenhust where we left the road along the straight track back to Wrest Park & hence our cars.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Thursday 16th November Toddington-Fancott led by Tony M

This was a special walk put on  to precede the club AGM.
It was 3 ½ miles in length and started from the village hall and had 14 walkers
Walking through the village, we headed out through Griffin Farm taking the track down to the Fancott Road
Once across, heading towards the sewage works, we followed the track through the field.

Using the very slippery bridge to cross the river Flit, passing White Hart Farm we we on our way up the Luton Road

 Taking a short break, we were soon making our way along the muddy tracks up to Crowbush Farm

Across the recreation ground behind Bradford Rd, we soon joined up with the Dunstable Road and were heading back through the village to the finish the walk at the village hall, where we were all looking forward to the club's AGM and a nice ploughman's lunch, being put on by the club's dedicated committee members.

Across the recreation ground behind Bradford Rd, we soon joined up with the Dunstable Rd and were heading back through the village to the finish the walk at the village hall, where we were all looking forward to the club's AGM and a nice ploughman's lunch, being put on by the club's dedicated committee members.   - Tony Price

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Saturday 11th November Armistice Day Walkled by Beryl & Sue

On a cold but sunny morning 15 of us set out from Ampthill Great Park, West Car Park, along the ridge overlooking the Bedford Vale.   The view has changed over the years and is now marred somewhat by huge warehouses and the Anaerobic Digester which was belching grey smoke.

A sunny autumn day in Ampthill Park

Holly walk … such an abundance of berries!

Sunshine and blue sky along Holly Walk 

We proceeded through the sun dappled woods to Holy Walk and on through the Church and Town Council Burial Grounds.   We arrived at The Market Square, Ampthill in good time to take part in the well attended two minute silence which was overseen by the Ampthill Parish Church Vicar and Town Mayor.

The Market Square in Ampthill for the Remembrance Day Two Minute Silence

We regrouped and walked up through Park Hill and back into the Park for a coffee break at “The Coffee Lodge"   After coffee some of the group returned to their cars while 8 regrouped & continued over to The Firs and Coopers Hill.   All in all it was a good morning enhanced by the Autumn sunshine.

Coffee in Ampthill park

Enjoying the sunshine before heading to Coppers Hill