Saturday, April 29, 2023

Thursday 27th April - A Four Village Circular Walk 8 Miles

This walk was led by Sue & Graeme

Meeting in Roxton it was lovely to see 9 members joining us. Before heading off on our walk we went to see Roxton Congregational Chapel. A beautiful thatched chapel, originally a barn, converted to a Cottage Orné style chapel around 1808 

We then walked through St Mary Magdalene church yard in Roxton and followed a tree lined lane, through woods and fields following the River Ouse, passing Roxton pools trout fishery beautifully landscaped and well fenced to keep out the beavers Neil told us, until we came to Roxton Weir and Lock. The fire brigade were carrying out training so we stopped on the lock to take it all in. 

Then headed off towards Tempsford, passing through Ouse Farm, a grade 11 18th century building, and lucky to see some calves. A short distance along the A1 (Great North Road) we saw a milestone, 51 miles from London. 

Crossing the old A1 through some beautiful gates, originally the entrance to Tempsford Hall, through Tempsford Millennium Garden Sanctuary to the memorial where we had a coffee break. 

Off we went along Church End passing cows and watching a dog swimming up the River Ivel, we went over ‘High Ramper Bridge’ arriving at Great Barford for our lunch stop by the lock and Great Barford bridge with 17 arches. 

Heading off back to Roxton along the Ouse Valley Way by the river, across fields, stopping to look at the cows.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Monday, April 24, 2023

Saturday 22nd April - Walks to Steppingley

There were 2 walks to Steppingley as the church there was holding their Springtime Cafe Lunch
The shorter walk, led by Wendy & Richard, started from Flitwick and was 4 miles.
The longer 7 mile walk started at Westoning Church at 10am led by Sue
We were very fortunate the church warden arranged for us to park on a drive in Church Road.
Kate, Cathy, Joy, John and Sue set off passing St Mary Magdalene Church in Westoning through the woods, along the River Flit towards Priestley Farm.
As we headed across the field the cows from the adjoining field came over to the fence. Brigid and Andy caught up with us here making 7 members on this 7 mile walk


Walking in the sunshine we headed towards Flitwick Plantation where we had a short coffee break.

We were lucky to see more blue bells along Blue Bell Walk. 
Eventually coming to Park Farm we stopped to admire the beautiful manicured gardens. Bearing left walking beside the tall trees and passing the pretty farm cottages.

Heading off down the lane towards Steppingley admiring the beautiful cottages and gardens. 
As we walked into the church grounds we were pleasantly surprised to see Bob and Celia making the most of the sunshine out on a bike ride.

The shorter walk group had not arrived so we went into the church and received a warm friendly welcome. 
There was lots to look at, plant sales and various items, a raffle and hot and cold drinks with delicious savouries and cakes. We left donations, happy to have had such a lovely time and help towards the fund raising for a toilet and tea station. I later received a lovely email from Terry to say thank you and they had raised £500 
Shortly after our other group of 11 arrived, led by Richard and Wendy. It was so nice to see faces we have not seen for a while for various reason and had done remarkably well having not walked for a while. 
Nita and Jean had also managed to join us and were already in the church. 
As we all enjoyed our refreshments we chatted to each other and others that had come to enjoy the day, listening to music and singing  to the Flitwick Ukulele Group. Some of us even had a little dance, enjoying the entertainment and warmth of the day. 

We left at different times. Some had made their own way, some had lifts and several stayed longer to chat and enjoy the atmosphere.
Several of us left together at 2:30pm with thanks and photos from Terry and members of the church. 

We passed by The Folly,  a beautiful building now privately owned also passing the ‘disabled farm’ set up by a blind man to teach and help disabled people. 
We walked together talking of our day until went our separate ways. Sue's group of 5 headed off to Westoning via Flitwick woods and back across Priestley Moor Plantation towards Priestley Farm and eventually back to our cars.
Wendy and Richard headed back to Flitwick with Hilary Yvonne, Penny, Sandra and Sharon. 

The shorter walk group enjoying the walk to Steppingley,on which they managed to see the micro pigs.


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thursday 20th April Lilley / Galley Hill walk

This 5.5 mile walk was led by Brenda with 11 walkers.
Lilley village hall was the meeting point for the start of today’s walk.
However, just as we were about to set off, we were informed by the local car park attendant, we could not use the village hall as the church had a large funeral later in the day, and we would have to move.
So, off we trooped to start our walk from the parking bays near Whitehill Farm.
Once reorganised we were soon back on our way through the fields and down towards Lilley.

Passing Lilley Park wood, we entered to view the beautiful bluebells that we’re out in an abundance.
Continuing down the track we emerged at Lilley church where our coffee break was taken in the glorious sunshine.

Sue, Beryl & Diane taking it easy

John. Wendy & Richard relaxing

Leaving the church and walking through the village past the pub with the residents home made no parking signs, we continued past Lilley plantation 

Walking up to Wards Wood we had lovely view’s of the fields and their changing colours.
Continuing on the track at Wards Wood Lane we joined the Icknield Way before turning into the golf course and up towards Galley Hill

Brenda leading the way

With the wind now picking up as we reached the top of Galley Hill, a sheltered dell offered a place for our picnic lunch to be had out of the wind.


Walking on the Chiltern Way along the top of Warden Hill, we followed the tracks back past Whitehill Wood, past the enclosed reservoir and back to the cars for the end of a lovely walk on a nice bright sunny, if not very windy at times, day 

Track of walk, walked in ant-clockwise direction


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Saturday 15th April, Deacon Hill and Knocking Hoe, to see the pasque flowers

 Led by Ruth, 7 miles, 6 ramblers

We squeezed into two cars, yet there was ample room at the tiny car-park below Deacon Hill. Perhaps the heavy rain overnight and thick clouds in the morning deterred people.  We set off straight up Deacon Hill and paused at the trig point to admire the view. 

 Then we walked along the fence above Pegsdon Hills, and through a gate to a muddy bridleway.  We stopped for our coffee break at the path junction below Telegraph Hill. Lynn told us it was a telegraph place from Napoleonic times. 


Next we turned South and walked through fields and copses past Little Offley, a very impressive house with lovely grounds and many outbuildings. Was the one on the left once a windmill?? The sky brightened up, there was even a hint of sunshine!

 We skirted past Wellbury House. It was once a catholic school but now is derelict and has signs warning you to keep out, not to take photos, and security cameras with facial recognition software frowned down on us. There was a sign in foreign script… hebrew we think.  Sorry, we were not allowed to photograph it. Much speculation!

We turned off along a footpath, passing a copse full of bluebells. We were overheating and stopped to take off several layers. We had a nice views of Deacon Hill in the distance.

 We then crossed the Hitchen road.and got to the gate for Knocking Hoe in another half an hour, with much agitation about when the lunch would be. I held out. The sun came out . After a short walk along the top of the valley, we got to the site of the pasque flowers and ate our picnic amongst the purple blooms. There are only five sites in the whole country for this flower, and here they are abundant.  Lynn shared her mini mint aero Easter eggs, which were just perfect for the location.

 After lunch it was only a mile back to the cars. 



Friday, April 14, 2023

Thursday 13th April Westoning

This 5 mile walk was led by Maureen & Malcolm with 10 walkers
Setting off in the bright sunshine we made our way out of the village and on towards the road that passes under the railway line.
Continuing along the road we made our way up to Upper Sampshill farm, where due to the weather there were excellent views off the Sharpenhoe Clappers and surrounding countryside. 

Making our way through the farm, we passed Portobello farm, where for once we were not greeted with the sound of barking dogs,


After our deserved break for coffee we passed a field of sheep, being guarded by a lama.

The tracks towards the water tower at Pulloxhill were quite firm considering the recent rain we have had

After a short rest at the water tower, we set off along the road towards Higham Bury and the magnificent Georgian house in the grounds.
Once again we were rewarded with some excellent views of the countryside, this time out in the direction of Flitwick & Maulden.

Continuing on through the fields we made our way back to join the Sampshill Rd for our journey back into Westoning 


For the end of a nice leisurely walk on a nice sunny but windy at times walk, that was thoroughly enjoyed by all walkers.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday 2nd April Easy-go walk around Tiddenfoot Water Park, 2.6 miles led by Ruth. 8 Ramblers

 We parked at the retail park near the Leighton Buzzard bypass (free for up to 4 hours) and set off, the first half a mile along pavements passing the extensive industrial area, before turning off along a footpath to a bridge where we stopped briefly. On one side was the remains of the railway bridge from pre-Beecham days, and on the other side the point where the canal and river Ousel are running side by side. We had a good view of the 33-acre green-sand quarry site from the early 20th Centuary. 

We passed Cedar's school, and the lakeside whih was flooded in 2021. Tony and Kate stopped to talk to a fisherman (who caught one small carp yesterday. What a cold pastime: I prefer walking!), then stopped to admire the recently layed ancient hedge by a notice board. After admiring the drowned wood and the huge pylon, we had our coffee on some benches overlooking the lake. 

Next we visited the birdhide, and looked at Wheelton Boat yard from the re-discovered path that used to be used for taking sand to the canal wharf. Finally we passed the foundations of the old swing bridge and crossed back over the much newer metal green bridge which led us straight back to the retail park.  The whole walk took under 90 minutes and we all agreed that it was a good way to spend a cold Sunday morning.