Thursday, August 31, 2023

Saturday 26th August Woburn walk led by Sharon & Beryl


On a very unsettled day weatherwise, just 4 of us – Celia, Bob, Sharon and Beryl set out to explore the newly diverted Elephant Walk near Woburn Safari Park.

Beryl, Celia, Bob & Sharon by the stone Lion

We did not see any elephants or wallabies as on the old path.   The path was diverted by just one field’s width but we were well out of sight of any animals.
Actually the new path was thought to be an improvement on the old as it went downhill between two very different types of woodland, under a zip-wire (where we received lots of waves and cheerful banter)  and there was no mud at all.  Shortly after we got back to the cars there was a deluge of rain!

Thursday 24th August > Woburn to Woburn Sands walk led by Tony M

This 6 1/2 mile walk had 6 intrepid walkers who started off from the car park opposite the church.
Leaving the village, we made our way through a large group of U3A walkers, thankfully not going our way.

Continuing on through Landon Hill plantation up to the derelict Horsemore Farm we carried on until we reached the picnic spot on Wavendon Heath for a nice coffee break.

Once refreshed, we carried on up through Old Wavendon Heath, finally reaching our destination for our lunch stop at th Fir Tree Inn, where we were joined by Hilda, Margaret & Bill
Suitably refuelled, we entered Aspley Wood, making our way down to Birchmoor Farm, where the Duke of Bedford is still slumming it whilst the renovation works continue.
On through Birchmoor Green, before entering Woburn High St and back our cars for the end of a very delightful walk, thoroughly enjoying by all walkers, on a very sunny, hot & humid day with a welcoming breeze at times.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction



Saturday 19th August Walk from College Lake led by Lynn

Lynn was very pleasantly surprised to find 9 other walkers ready to join her for the walk, which started from College Lake carpark. We walked along to the Grand Union Canal at Bulbourne (next to The Grand Junction Arms pub) and headed north along the towpath, turning left onto the Wendover Arm. This is a nice, peaceful section of canal and we stayed on there, crossing over to the other side at one bridge, then coming off that part of the canal at the bridge soon after going past Tringford Pumping Station. We followed the roadside path up to the footpath that goes alongside the dry part of the Wendover Arm (where the CRT and volunteers are slowly repairing the canal to open that part up again) and stopped for elevenses at the benches on the other side of the wooden crossing bridge, where there is water again -  and a number of brightly coloured dragonflies!. 

After the break, we walked back over the bridge and round the edge of Wilstone Reservoir to cross the road and head into Wilstone village with its pretty cottages, gardens and a thriving community shop.


At the other end of the village, we joined the Aylesbury Arm of the canal - a narrow and seemingly much less used part of the canal system - walking past a few overflowing locks and several new build properties until we arrived back at the main Grand Union Canal. From there we headed down to the bridge at the old (closed) White Lion pub, where we met a couple of swans with their cygnets, so we had to give them as much room as possible - but still got hissed at, as a warning! 

This part of the canal was very busy with boats on the water as well as people walking and cycling along the towpath. We walked past the Tring Reservoirs to The Grand Junction Arms and then back to College Lake car park and lunch in the cafe there. A very enjoyable, easy going, approximately 6-mile walk.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Thursday, August 17th, Coleshill to Old Amersham, 10 miles, 11 ramblers, led by Richard and Wendy

It is so nice to go to an entirely new place, and this walk had everything. Good company, lovely weather, scenery, pretty villages and water. Oh, and blackberries!

We nearly fell at the first hurdle: within 200m of Coleshill Church, a Road Closed sign! We ignored it (as there wasn’t much alternative) and it was actually quite passable. We missed the small print ‘closed from 25th August’

 So we set off, through a most magnificent field of cornflowers. Sue and Ruth tried to collect some seeds, but they were not ready yet. 

Shortly we reached the picturesque village of Winchmore Hill, which unfortunately had cars parked in front of every lovely cottage,  and continued to Penn Street for our banana break at the war memorial on the village green. The family home of William Penn (as in Pennsylvania) is near here.  He was given Pennsylvania by King Charles II as a thank-you for his support – not that it was the King’s to give. 

 We then walked through some woods, appreciating the shade as it was starting to warm up, and then 2km along ‘Toby’s Lane’, an old hedged footpath.   


This brought us to the top of a freshly harvested wheat field, and below we could see the flag on the tower of the church – lunch stop- poking out. The village is really lovely, old buildings, and has been used for Midsommer Murders. 

The church had 2 benches and a porch with seats, a good place for lunch, and we chose our seats according to sun worshippers and those who needed to cool off. 

We then went in the church. There was an informative video at the side. The core of the church is Saxon, with ancient wall paintings, and a Norman church was then built around it to extend the nave. The tower was later, in C14. 


Off again, this time along a river and some large lakes, part of the grounds of Shardeloes House. Under  the A413, then into the historic Old Amersham. There are some really old Tudor houses here, many nestling between the newer Georgian buildings. 


At one end is the old Town Hall and Market Place, and opposite a cafĂ© that sold Ice-creams….. twenty minutes later…..

And we had the last mile to walk. Uphill with no shade for a short while, but then we were back in shade long the road to Coleshill again. This was quite a long way to go, but such a lovely walk. 

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction



Thursday, August 10, 2023

Thursday 10th August > Aspley Woods walk led by Penny

This 4 mile walk had 18 walkers and started from Aspley Guise Recreation Ground.
Using the alleyway between the houses which were leading us towards Aspley Wood.

On entering the woods we found ourselves beneath the tree canopy giving us a cooling shade as we walked along.

Some of the tracks were still very muddy from the recent rain we have been experiencing, however we made our way through these and had a water stop before crossing the Woburn Rd.

 Once refreshed, we passed Fullers Earth Lodge before making our way up into Old Wavendon Heath

Fuller's Earth Lodge

Some inclines were tackled before reaching the top

A coffee break was taken in a nice shaded area with seating and branches for the group to rest on.

Richard, Denise & Wendy

Anna. Hilary, Jean S & Sue

Anna, Tony P, Jean S & Sue

Beryl, Mary & Keith

Carrying on down the incline through the woods, we again crossed the Woburn Rd, continuing walking we came across the dirt bike tracks, which we being used by some bikers giving a demonstration of their skills.
We then rejoined the track’s back through  the woods that would eventually lead us back through the alleyway’s and onto the recreation ground for the end of a very enjoyable walk on a nice warm sunny day, where we were grateful for the shade offered by walking through the woods.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction










Saturday, August 5, 2023

Thursday 3rd August Maulden > Maulden Woods walk led by Tony M.

This 6 mile walk had 12 walkers and started from the George pub in Maulden.
Leaving the car park we made our way up to and through the church, then joining the track taking us towards Green End with views over Maulden & surrounding countryside.


We followed one of the trails through Maulden Woods passing by Clayhill cottages and joining the Greensand Ridge.

We came to a memorial stone, which we were reliably informed by the leader was for Dick Turpin's  horse (believe that if you will !)

On towards Limbersey Lane, where some road walking was required,
We then turned to walk through Brickhill Pastures and in to King Wood where we stopped for a well earned coffee break.

Suitably refreshed, we joined the trail leading us down to Kings Farm, now with the farmhouse all boarded up and no cattle in the fields.
On past the highlight of the day, a couple of donkeys in their small paddock.
Joining the back streets of Maulden, we arrived back at the George for the end of a very enjoyable walk,
On an overcast cast day with some warm sunshine at times, along with a nice cooling breeze.
Some of the group then retired to the pub for some well earned lunch & refreshments.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction