Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thursday 23rd January. 5.25 mile circular walk on the lesser known paths of the Rushmere country park.  Led by Ruth. 19 ramblers.

This walk started at Great Brickhill and initially walked along the narrow lane towards Stockgrove, before turning onto a footpath through a few fields.

Some horses were present but gave us no trouble. We reached the quagmire after about a mile, but successfully negociated this, then set off across Rammamere Heath to stop brifly to look at the pipe line for aviation fuel.

We turned into the bridle path through King's Wood, passing some recently copiced small-leaved lime, and through an area of heather restoration, arriving at Stockgrove cafe for refreshments at 11.30am.

After a good break, we walked South through Baker's Wood to pick up the Voles way,, down hill and up hill, eventually coming out at the Giant's Chair. Through the Christmas Tree plantation and a valley back passed the Black pond.

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