Friday, June 26, 2020

Photos taken during CV lockdown whilst on lone cycle rides or walks with another member.

I regret that spaces appear in this post. They do not appear until the original is saved.
I should be grateful if other members could supply their photos etc. - Tony R

Bluebells in Kingshoe Wood near Flitwick encountered during lone cycle ride


When I was on my bike I met a lady dressed up in uniform.

Beryl & I were looking
Beryl & I were were looking for a footpath which the map showed to cross the M1, however no crossing exists despite the M1 being 60 years old. The council said it was not a priority to update.

Anna & I were looking for some bluebells in the woods
Showing Anna the pond at the Milton Bryan Scout camp site.

Stopped for a rest on a lone walk & noticed the lovely view of the Clappers.

Hilary photographing some cattle in field on the lower path at Sundon Hills country park.

Ruth doing some map reading near Sharpenhoe Clappers.

Spider on roof in Park Road, Toddington.

Whilst walking down Long Lane with Beryl we met Hilda & Val coming the other way.

Hilary on the side of Sharpenhoe Clappers.
Later we came ot a field of daisy like flowers.

Anna having her "bar" after a steep hill climb & then standing by a deer pond in Woburn Deer Park.

 Sue on a walk from Graeme's house to Lilley.

 Unfortunately the Lilley Arms was closed
Therefore we had to have our snack in the churchyard over 2 m apart.

Hilary by Westmill Farm near Hichin on our Oughtonhead walk.

Hilary watching the English long horn cattle on Oughtonhead Common.

Tony R walking along poppy lined road at Pegsdon

Poppy fields above Pegsdon on  walk with Hilary

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