Monday, June 14, 2021


Other Walkers  -  Beryl Pengilley, Brenda Howard, Hilary Jackson, Sue Fox, Mike and Sheila Briggs

The weather was perfect . Glorious sunshine and blue skies.Most of the time we were walking in the shade.We started from Millbrook Village on the Green Sand Ridgewalk, walked around the Golf Course which looked absolutely perfect.

Sue exploring the old pump house

Beryl, Nita, Sheila, Mike & Brenda

We safely crossed the A 507 , Leader and Back Marker wearing TRC High Vis  jackets. remarkably the road was clear !!

Hilary, Nita, Sheila & Beryl

 We then walked beside Center Parcs boundary. Still a bit muddy but no problem.

Coffee break on old sleeper steps.I was then able to relate various details of  of history and points of interest relevant to Millbrook.

Nita, Hilary, Brenda, Mike, Beryl & Sheila                 Beryl, Brenda, the Briggs, Nita & Hilary  

Sue, Beryl, Brenda, Mike & Nita

Once again crossed A507 and joined Katherine's Walk down through the woods and back into the Village. Then we took the long quite steep path up to the Church, through the graveyard and down through the Meadow. Fantastic views over to Cardington Hangers.

Completed the walk down the hill to where we had parked our cars.

A great way to spend a Saturday morning (quoted by a member )

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