Saturday, June 18, 2022

Whitwell, 16th June, 6 miles led by Sue.


My walk on Thursday 16th June was 6 miles. 7 brave members were not put off with the soaring heat temperatures. Our walk was Whitwell and St Paul’s Walden with a Coffee and Picnic stop. 

The walk started in Whitwell high street. We had a gentle climb out of the Mimram valley, passing St Paul’s Walden Bury House, birthplace of the late Queen Mother in 1900 still occupied by The Bowes Lyon family but some state rooms are used for weddings and concerts.

We passed this beautiful house, the gardens are  Part of The National Garden Scheme. See ‘within the walks garden project’ walking uphill to St Pauls Walden Church. Fortunately it was open. There was several photos of royalty visits dating back many years. In the church yard is a commemorative column of the Bowes Lyon family. We stopped here in the sunshine and had a coffee break. 

Walking on through woods and fields passing the ornate gates of Stagenhoe a Sue Ryder Home. 




We were then walking in the cool woods and lanes to find a fallen tree for our lunch break. Talking and reminiscing of old times, dancing and childhood days. 

Onwards through fields, woods and eventually down Nortonstreet Lane down hill to the start of our walk.

 After passing the policeman ( the residents village scarecrow) Penny and myself enjoyed a well deserved refreshing drink at The Bull.

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