Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday 28th July Harlington to Pulloxhill walk

This 7 mile walk had 4 walkers and was led by Tony P
Leaving the village hall, we made our way along Barton Rd towards Horsehill Spinney, then passing through the fields with Bunyan’s oak below us, we continued our way to Upper Samshill farm via the by-way track next to Lovett Green.
Moving on towards Portobello farm we passed through a herd of cattle, sheep & a solitary alpaca, whilst making our way up to the water tower.

Tony R, Ruth & John D by the gate
Carrying on through the fields being very careful not to fall into the large cracks that have appeared in the soil as the ground is so dry, we continued on until  we joined the John Bunyan trail.
Then walking through Bury farm where they were storing the just cut harvest.

John D, Ruth, Tony R & Tony P
We carried on and through Sharpenhoe village, where we then turned onto the tracks leading us to Wateroff, where the stream runs through the fields.
Then crossing over the stream and following the tracks back towards our start point at the village hall.
The day was bright, sunny but very humid with a little wind at times, making it tough going for the last mile or so.
Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

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