Friday, September 23, 2022

Thursday 22nd September Toddington Walk led by Cathy & Neil

This 7 mile walk had 12 walkers and was led by Cathy & Kate

Leaving the village hall, we walked past the church before crossing the road for the field tracks leading us towards the motorway subway, where we were able to admire the latest artwork 

Passing through Redhills farm we made our way on towards Harlington Wood end, where we crossed over the motorway bridge, to be greeted with the farmer ploughing the field.

Walking on through the field towards Tingrith, a break was taken in the shelter.
We then headed out through the village towards Castle farm, taking the track up to Washers Wood

Another well deserved break was taken here in the sunshine, before settling off towards Toddington Park.

Finally passing through our last field, we headed back through the village to the village hall and the end of the walk, on a nice sunny morning
Anthony Price


Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction



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