Friday, December 29, 2023

Thursday 27th December, Toddington to Tebworth, 3 ramblers, 5 miles

At last, the walk postponed from the Xmas lunch. Only three of us, but a good pace and back well before lunch. We set off round the back of Alma Farm Yard, past the barking dog and through farmyard mud, but once we got through the kissing ate onto the fields beyond it turned into a lovely walk, field boundaries to the tall scaffolding tower. Beryl, or course, had to try to climb it! 

 We continues to Tebworth lane, had a coffee break on a bench for three, then turned East through lush green pastures and several stiles until we reached the Tebworth Road. As the permissive path consisted of water-filled ruts, we continued to the footpath that leads to the Glebe, returning via the woodland brook. This was unfortunately a bit muddy - hardly surprising after the days of rain. 


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