Friday, May 19, 2023

Thursday 18th May Hilary's walk at Woburn

13 of us met at Woburn car park for Hilary's short walk. We were particularly please to see former member Denise who had recently lost her husband, Paul. We hope that she will rejoin and enjoy our company in these difficult times.
We started off by walking out of the car park towards the park, we passed through the park gate and shortly stopped to admire the pond and nearby trees.

We then carried on past the toll booth and stopped for a photo in front of the head cowman's cottage.

Shortly afterwards we turned left up the slope towards the abbey which had scaffolding covering the front. It seems that work has been going on the years on both the house and gardens which are still closed to the public. Indeed many contractors' vehicles were in the car park. At the top of the hill we stopped for a water break before tuning left and following the estate road. This road is not marked as a footpath on either the OS map or the ROW map however it has yellow marker posts indicating its use as a footpath. When we reached the main east - west footpath near Stump Cross we joined it to walk west down hill. Part way down the hill we saw a small herd of light coloured deer which could not make their mind whether or not to run from us.

 We continued downhill  to rejoin our original track and hence make our way back to the car park. 

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


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