Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Sunday 25th June Warren Wood stroll led by Beryl

Nita initiated this walk but, unfortunately, was unable to lead as she is still recovering from her fall in the Elan Valley.  

Beryl's instructions were to turn down this lane

 However, 5 of us met by Warren Wood, Clophill on a very hot afternoon.   (Linda Billingham, Penny Jamieson, Jean and Malcolm Sykes, and myself, Beryl.)   It was noticeably cooler in the wood and there was a pleasant breeze.   The trees looked beautiful with dappled sunshine dancing on the bright green leaves.   We took our time and had a gentle, amicable meander through the woodland noting much coppicing which had taken place many years ago and a very long, planted, avenue of trees.  We felt we would love to know how the avenue came about.   There was also a huge Redwood towering over all the other trees.   (I can recall pushing my pram through the avenue of trees walking from Silsoe to Clophill to visit a friend over 50 years ago!)

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