Thursday, August 31, 2023

Saturday 26th August Woburn walk led by Sharon & Beryl


On a very unsettled day weatherwise, just 4 of us – Celia, Bob, Sharon and Beryl set out to explore the newly diverted Elephant Walk near Woburn Safari Park.

Beryl, Celia, Bob & Sharon by the stone Lion

We did not see any elephants or wallabies as on the old path.   The path was diverted by just one field’s width but we were well out of sight of any animals.
Actually the new path was thought to be an improvement on the old as it went downhill between two very different types of woodland, under a zip-wire (where we received lots of waves and cheerful banter)  and there was no mud at all.  Shortly after we got back to the cars there was a deluge of rain!

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