Monday, April 22, 2024

Saturday 20th April Cranfield - Hulcote walk led by Bob & Celia

7 walkers met outside Cranfield church on a bright but cool day. We left Cranfield on the John Bunyan trail past Home Farm & Wood End Farm before entering part of Holcot Wood. Approaching Hulcote itself (different spelling?) we saw several Highland cows munching their grass in a field.

Opposite we saw a man-made lake with some very modern buildings. Bob explained this was a wealth management company, so we used their location for a group photo.

Tony R, Celia, Bob, Lynn, Ruth, Sue & John (our Cranfield expert)
We continued past the church which always appears locked to reach Salford Rd. Here we turned left & left again to walk past the other side of the lake to Rooktree Farm. We walked through Holcot Wood to the edge of the old tip, now landscaped. We were grateful of the fenced in track which avoided the very wet original lane. In Rectory Wood we had our picnic at a table & nearby was a fancy seat, sadly not large enough for 7 but a good photo opportunity for 6. I didn't make it.

Bob, Ruth, Celia, John, Sue & Lynn

Soon afterwards John left us to return home by a shorter route, but we continued through woodland before descending a hill to observe several historical plaques commemorating the history of Bedfordshire County Council. Soon we arrived back at our cars outside of the church to complete our almost 8 mile walk.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction.

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