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Saturday 15th June Walk with Londeon Blind Walkers - Leagrave to Harlington

This 6 mile walk was led by Beryl & commenced at Leagrave station where the Blind Walkers arrived by train from London. TRC members had previously arrived on a train from Harlington. Unfortunately the weather was very wet. Twenty walkers left the station via the car park where we stopped for a photo.

Beryl with her "brolly" guiding the walkers

With difficulty due to faulty traffic lights we crossed many roads at the Horseshoes roundabout to follow the Upper Lea Valley walk past Wauluds Bank. This led to a footpath between two giant housing estates, Sundon Park & Marsh Farm. There were many tree roots here which were successfully negotiated by all. Eventually we reached open fields with much wheat growing. Soon we were walking through grassland which had been cut making the walking more difficult. We arrived at Manor Rd which we crossed and followed for a short distance before turning off again towards Upper Sundon. The rain abated and we stopped for a picnic at the recreation ground. 

Several members crossed the road to the Red Lion to use their facilities. After our picnic we took the track by the side of the pub towards Harlington. We avoided the old sewage works and followed the old road through the wood. Unfortunately due to the previous rain the ground was very slippery & great care had to be taken. At the bottom of the hill we turned left & then followed the railway towards Harlington. Due to building work the best footpath was closed & we had to pass through Harlington Spinney which again was very slippery. Eventually we again arrived at open fields & we followed to path behind Pilgrim's Way houses to reach the road. We continued up Sundon Road & crossed Bury Orchard to pass the village shops. soon afterwards we reached our goal at the Chairman's house where tea & cakes awaited us. As the weather had much improved we were able to sit out in the garden.
It was all over too quickly as the blind walkers had to catch their train back to London from Harlington station.

Map showing track of walk, walked south to north

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