Thursday, September 3, 2020

 Ampthill Park Blackberry Walk 3rd September

The original walk in mid August was postponed due to a deluge of rain as we arrived at the West Car Park in Ampthill Park.  Therefore, the walk was postponed for 3 weeks.

When we arrived at the Car Park on 3 September it was dull and damp but at least it was not really raining.  There were 8 walkers in the group and a vote was taken at the beginning to decide if we should walk in 2 groups of 4 or continue with 1 group of 8.   The first photo shows the result of the vote - walk in 1 group.

Generally, we walked the perimeter of Ampthill Park, down near Ampthill Park House and up the Lime Walk where we saw badger slides.   Crossing Woburn Street we noted the new McCarthy and Stone Homes being constructed on the site of the old police station.

We then proceeded along the Alameda Walk to the Cenotaph and on across the heathers and silver birch trees of Coopers Hill.   Finally, the blackberries were located near the Rugby pitches down near the Ampthill bypass.   Unfortunately, the blackberries were few and far between – either dried and shrivelled, waterlogged or unripe.  Still a few of us made an effort and the results are shown in final photograph!

4 of the group returned direct to their cars and 4 had a drink at The Hub in the Park where we enjoyed a socially distanced, rainy chat under a big “sunshade”.

The vote for staying in one group of 8 walkers.

The end result - Not a good year for blackberries.

The route walked in clockwise direction

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