Saturday, September 26, 2020

 Eversholt to Steppingley walk

26th Sept led by Ruth - 7.5 miles

Torrun, Sharon. Ruth, Kate, Tony P & Tony R at the start of the walk

A cold wind but it was dry with hints of sun and we walked briskly and kept warm. Under foot it was mostly grass and gravel and good on the feet.

Torunn, Kate, Sharon, Tony P, Ruth & Tony R at a drink stop in the woods          

We got to Steppingley Church at 11.30, half an hour ahead of time but never the less ate our lunch - or was it elevenses, enjoying the sun on a seat or in the porch out of the wind. The ladies looked around the lovely bright church. We then avoided a large ploughed field by continuing through the village. The rest of the route was mostly the Greensand Ridge Walk, but to avoid retracing our steps we diverted through Tyrells End to admire two ancient houses before returning the Church End Village Hall where we parked. A wedding was just about to start - a limit of 30 guests. How to keep the cost down!

Map showing the track of the walk. Walked in anti-clockwise direction

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