Thursday, December 17, 2020

 Thursday December 17th 2020. Stockgrove and the Grand Union Canal

5 ramblers, 6 miles, led by Ruth

What a lovely day! At last, the sun is shining with its puny winter strength, and not a cloud in the sky. But there was rain last night and five of us looked at dismay at the large puddles of water on the ground of the car park at the canal. Fortunately it was not too deep. After a short stretch of road and an even shorter bit of mud, the rest of the walk was through lovely leaf litter and well drained paths. 

We stopped briefly opposite Lord's Hill, Rushmere, to examine the Greensand Trust's latest heathland restoration project, and the huge pile of smouldering ashes left by yesterday's bonfire. Then we crossed some small paths through Shire Oak Heath and walked on a compass bearing North through the maze of routes in Baker's Wood. Coffee break was at Stockgrove cafe. 

 We then followed a largely dry, grassy,leafy or sandy route with long shadows,to the Grand Union Canal, and after a short stop at the Three Locks picnic tables, we were almost back. We were all relieved that none of the cars had got stuck in the mud at the car park!

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