Sunday, December 5, 2021

Christmas Lunch

 Christmas Ramble, December 5th 2021, led by Cathy and Neil, 

5 miles, 11 ramblers. 

We met at the Dunstable Downs golf course car park, after a night of rain in full waterproofs, boots and gaiters ready for a muddy walk. It was OK, actually, as we set off along a grassy path through the golf club, then turned into woods with leaf mold underneath our feet. 


We circled a huge active Chalk Quarry, admired the dinky toy diggers (or so they seemed from a distance) then set off down an alarmingly steep looking slope. It also was OK, as steps, trunks and a hand rail were placed just as they were needed. 


Before long we were passing the edge of the Dunstable Downs and back to the grassy path. My boots ended up cleaner than they started, but my gaiters were well and truly splashed. We were back at the Golf Club House well ahead of time and settled down at a table to wait for the others. We watched the flag outside filling out rapidly and were thankful that we'd had the best of today's weather.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

Christmas Lunch. December 5th 2021

This was a postponed lunch from last year, at the Dunstable Downs Golf Club, organised by Nita, with her usual efficiency.
There were 41 of us, all arriving with a negative Covid test as requested and in a good party mood. Crackers were pulled, hats worn and conversation rose to a peak requiring some discipline from Tony to open the lunch and for Nita to say grace.  

The dinner was lovely. Starters were served at the tables by the very cheerful staff: prawn cocktails a-plenty, pate, and a few pepper and tomato soups. We were called one table at a time for our main course: Turkey, beef, stuffed peppers or salmon. The table of the pre-lunch walkers (below) grumbled in jest that we were served last, but we had the last laugh as they came round with excess meat! 


It was all very tasty and filling. Most people managed to find room for desert AND the mince pie! We ended the afternoon by giving our subscriptions to Beryl. From observing the queue, it looks as if our club will be thriving next year!

Clockwise: Mike & Sheila, Peter, Lynn, Celia & Bob, Bev & Keith

Clockwise: Val, Margaret, Tony M, Patricia, Back of Brenda & Hilda

Clockwise: Penny, Maureen & Malcolm, Anna, Rosemary, Linda, Sandra's  shoulder

Clockwise: Rosemary, Linda, Sandra, Penny, Maureen, Anna

Clockwise: Tony P & Annie, Sue & Graham, Ruth & Geoff, Cathy

Clcokwise: Ruth's Head, Geoff, Neal & Cathy, Tony P & Annie

Nita returning to her table after checking all was well.

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