Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday March 3rd Bedford to Danish Camp - 7.5 miles

This walk, which had 12 walkers  was led by Penny Jamison and Sue Fox 

Our 7.5mile walk started at Priory Country Park, a former gravel pit, walking alongside one of the lakes with lots of wildlife.
Our usual chatting and laughing, all pleased to see each other.
We walked alongside the River Ouse, 12 members trying to dodge the flooded areas. 

John D, Richard, Tony P, Maureen, Nita, Penny, Sandra & Sue at the back with Viv, Joan, & Wendy in front of them with Beryl holding forth at the front.

The walkers beside the Ouse

Coffee break was at Castle Mill Lock where we had a photo shoot! Then heading off through Willington Woods, where we spotted several colourful ‘fairy doors’ on to Danish Camp, a historic site in such a peaceful place. 

Perhaps a "fairy door"

Here we met Eileen and we all enjoyed our lunch overlooking the River Ouse.
After lunch we had a quick detour to see the National Trust Dovecote and Stables before making our way back alongside the old Bedford to Cambridge railway line on the National cycle path, spotting the remains of the station platform among the brambles, on to Priory Park. 

Track of walk

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