Friday, February 25, 2022

Thursday February 24th Toddington, 6 miles

 7 ramblers, led by Kate and Cathy

It rained all night, and after three named storms we all knew the fields would be wet and muddy. There was a heavy downpour at 8.30 am and it was testimony to the stalwart that 7 ramblers decided to go. The forecast promised rain, wind, hail and snow - covering all bases except sunny intervals. And sunny intervals was what we had! It was a lovely morning, we were prepared for the mud in places, but the route that was chosen, rearranged due to the conditions, was mostly dry. Past Conger Hill, along the bridleway, past the two sewage works to Charlton,. The alpacas were back in their field.  We crossed the road and walked along the footpath by the speed camera, and had our coffee at the picnic table in the deserted playground. 


Past the deserted cottage and a short-cut to the bridleway that runs parallel to the new A5 bypass. Every time we go along there there are more and more houses! Back past the farm: we had to change our route as a fallen tree blocked the path to Luton Road, and instead we walked beside the golf course towards Chalgrave Church. We were back home by 12noon - 2.5hrs for the 6 miles. 

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