Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday 7th August Flitton Moor & Flitwick Moor

This 4 mile walk had 8 walkers and was led by Tony P
Meeting beside the church at Flitton, we made our way down towards the memorial barn for Jack Crawley, displaying some of his water colours.

Beryl, Tony R, Yvonne, Penny, Kate & Sue & John Poole

Carrying on walking along the shaded tracks around the perimeter of the woods
We then crossed over the river a couple of times, leading us through the field where the cattle were grazing
We then entered the wetland area where they have now extended the duckboards right to the end of the track
Continuing walking through the shaded woods, we then headed out towards Flitwick Mill through the houses
However, upon our arrival our way was barred by district council road works, so we had to double back for an alternative route for our lunch break 

Following the bank of the river, we arrived back to where the cattle were again grazing, but not interested in us passing 

Kate, Beryl, Penny, Yvonne, Sue & John, Tony R & Tony P

Continuing on through the fields and along the tracks, we eventually made our way back to the church and the end of our walk on a sunny, warm and breezy at times morning  

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction.

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