Monday, October 17, 2022

Saturday 15th October Stagsden walk led by Lynn

This walk had only 4 walkers
We started from Stagsden Church and walked through what looked like someone's front garden to find a footpath.across a field. We walked past and through several woods all displaying wonderful autumnal colours where we saw a spindle tree. 

The spindle tree whose fruits were formally used to flavor beer before the advent of hops
We carried on to cross the Northampton Road. Another field followed before some road walking through Bromham where we encountered a strange object at the end of a hedge.
The face in the hedge.

We left the road to enter Bromham Park and hence found our way to Bromham Mill where we had refreshments.

Bromham Mill

We left the mill, crossed the main road & followed the John Bunyan trail alongside Hanger Wood to the Bedfordshire golf course which we crossed in order to make our way back to Stagsden Church.
An enjoyable day well led by Lynn who disappeared into the farm shop at the end of the walk.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.


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