Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday 29th October. St Katherine's Way, 4 miles, led by Beryl and Sharon

 This walk follows half of the St Katherine's way, starting near Steppingly. We walked around the newly planted woods towards Centre Parks, where we had a detour to watch the variety of breeds, sizes, builds and coats at the micro-pig farm. We were just there at the right time - food! and we enjoyed watching the excited grunts and squeals as they trotted through the mud for their pig nuts. 


Next, a conveniently placed log was turned into coffee break part one, 


then we walked to to Steppingly where to our delight, we found the church open for a 'holy halloween', serving coffee, savoury snacks and cake. They are raising money for a toilet. Sadly, many of us had not brought our money with us, but those that had enjoyed their early lunch, and three had a tower tour: a legacy gave money to restore the six bells, which had been silent for at least 60 years, to full circle ringing.  The ringing chamber, shiny new bells and the tower rood were greatly admired. 


Finally, the walk ended by a stroll through Flitwick Wood. 

The church is holding another open coffee morning in December and it is planned to visit this for a planned lunch stop, incorporating both a longer yomp to do the whole 8 miles, and a shorter 4 mile stroll, timed to arrive at the church at lunch time. Look out for the December programme.

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