Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sunday 4th December Christmas Lunch preceded by a walk

Our Christmas lunch this year was at The Fancott in Fancott. Before the lunch there was a 4 mile walk  led by Neil and 14 members braved the crisp chilly morning. 


We left The Fancott  carpark at 10am eager to leave behind a rather pungent smell from the sewage works and headed off towards Fancott woods and meadow where we stopped briefly for a photo.

Following the river Flit we walked alongside the vast site being prepared for solar panels.
Turning left there was a good view of Toddington Services.
Following the path to the village and nearing the stables Sue bribed the group to stop for her usual coffee break with the promise of mince pies for all. Thank you Neil.
Pete thought he could hear witches frying pancakes, even though it wasn't Shrove Tuesday as we approached Conger Hill.
We made our way back across the fields ready for our Christmas lunch.

Bob W, Pete, Annie, Celia, Malcolm, Tony P, Geoff, Liz, Christine, Beryl, Ruth & Sue

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction from pub sign.

Following our walk 35 members enjoyed their Christmas lunch in the very festive pub. It was lovely to see so many friends. There was plenty of laughter and chatter. The was the usual menu of turkey & Christmas pudding as well as other dishes for those who preferred to differ. Even the veggies & vegans were catered for. See below for the menu.

The table with 3 Tonys

Tony R making the ladies laugh

Sue's table

Happy Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year everyone 🎄

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