Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday 8th December Aspley Heath walk led by Tony R

This 4 mile walk was a true pop up walk arranged to fill a gap in the programme as 3 ladies were to visit Cynthia that morning for a chat.
The morning was bright but temperatures were below zero, however 8 walkers braved the conditions.
We started from the large lay-by on the Woburn to Woburn Sands road, however instead to starting to walk through the woods we crossed the road and walked along the pavement in order to avoid the narrow gully-like path in the woods that can be difficult at this time of year.
On reaching the gate to Fullers Earth Lodge we left the road on the opposite side to the lodge entrance and followed the track uphill. Soon we encountered large ruts caused by timber harvesting machines. This made progress difficult, but most of water in the ruts was frozen. Near the ruined building we met the new council footpaths officer talking to a representative of Bedford Estates, the owner of the land. We complained about the state of the footpaths, but was assured that she had this in hand. After passing some huge piles of timber we crossed the road where thankfully the surface was untouched by machines. We walked though the woods, past the old sandpit to Heath Lane which we followed for a while before turning off left into the woods again. It was noted that although the surface here was poor a couple of years ago it had recovered and made easy walking. We soon came to a picnic table where we stopped for a coffee break.
After our break we continued along the path before stopping for a photo.

Ruth, Kate, Wendy, John D, Sue, Richard, Sue & Tony R

After passing the old lakes we turned left and climbed the track to Old Wavendon Heath. Here the pines were in straight rows with the sunlight coming through.although frost was still on the ground.

We walked through a narrow avenue to pines to join a path leading back to the cars in the lay-by.
Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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