Sunday, January 22, 2023

Saturday 21st January Great Gaddesden, 9 miles,

 6 ramblers, led by Keith and Bev


What a lovely day for a walk! Bright sunshine, and frost that melted in the warmth of the sun, despite temperatures remaining at about zero.   We met around the corner from the garden centre, walked through the church yard to the lane past the Buddhist temple. Building works were going on and we had to drag one of our party away, reminding him that he had retired!  We turned downhill through, irritatingly, the shade of a hedge and speculated on the possible finds of two men, who were scouring the fields with a metal detector.   After crossing the road, we paused for a photo before summoning the energy for the steep sunny hillside




We arrived in Studham for an early lunch stop, enjoying the warmth of the sun on the wide bench we chose.  


 Next we crossed the common and passed through some woods and Beechwood School. The last part became a little muddy as the sun was finally managing to thaw some of the ice on the fields,  but at the end some rough grass removed much of the sticky stuff before we returned to the cars.

We finished the walk with coffee and chat at the garden centre. What a lovely day!

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