Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thursday 19th January Baldock/Radweel walk 5 miles led by John Dixon

There were 10 walkers on this walk which started from Copthall Rroad to the south east of the town centre
It was a cold but bright day and so we walked through the town, under the railway bridge before turning off past the allotments into Ivel Srings nature reserve. We crossed the infant Ivel before reaching a road that took us under the A1(M). We left the road and followed the river before passing through Bury Farm which had many large tractors. We stopped at Radwell church for a few minutes before stopping again at a large lake which contained many hungry swans, ducks and gulls. Here we stopped for a drink and snack.

Penny, Sue, John, Richard, Wendy, Ged, Jenny, Tony P, Hilary & Tony R by the lake

We then passed by the closed Radwell Lake campsite where we lost 2 of the ladies for a few minutes before reaching the Ivel again. We left the river and came to a picnic area where it had been intended to have our picnic, We soon came to Norton Bury and then Norton village itself. We descended on a track towards the motorway with Baldock church in sight. We joined Norton road which helped us cross the A1(M) before turning off into the woods. This path led to a pedestrian tunnel under the railway and hence into the town of Baldock. We crossed the old A1 and made our way back to our cars.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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