Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thursday 23rd February. Ridgmont station, 6 miles, led by Tony P


Fifteen ramblers appeared at the station at Ridgmont: amazing as it was drizzling when we had to make the decision to leave home or have another cup of coffee.  However, the drizzle stopped by the time we left the car-park and although there was a cold breeze as we started out, we soon warmed up, and out of the wind it was even warm!  

The walkers outside Ridgmont station


We walked across fields (a bit muddy in places after last night’s rain) to the A421 which we crossed via a subway, then turned right to follow the maze of newly created footpaths that criss-cross the landfill site. 


Methane taps and pipes could be seen at regular intervals, supplying an electricity generator. Lidlington Lake was clearly visible to our right. 


Soon we reached a new woodland, Reynold’s wood, with mostly ash trees of about 10 years old. It will be a wonderful nature reserve if they survive the a sh die-back.  A few Great-tits had already moved in. Here we split into two groups: those that wanted to walk along the level, and those that followed the clear but winding path, downhill then back up hill. We reunited at a clearing where some logs and benches were thoughtfully provided for our elevenses. 

Our coffee break
Finally, we retraced our steps into Reynold’s Wood, taking a side path to re-cross the A421 and join a disused railway line that took us past the industrial part of Brogborough. Suddenly there we were, back at the station at 12.50. 
Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


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