Saturday, March 4, 2023

Thursday 2nd March Toddington to Tingrith


This 6 mile walk was led by Cathy & Kate with assistance from Neil.
Leaving TVH, we made our way down Manor Rd, joining the footpaths that would lead us through the fields & on towards Toddington Park
Keeping to the tracks,we passed Herne Green farm on our way through to Daintry Wood, where we then joined Eversholt to Tingrith track that led us through to Castle Farm 

Carrying on towards Tingrith, we stopped at the bus shelter, where a well earned coffee break was taken in the beautiful sunshine 

When leaving Tingrith, we made our way towards Lodge Farm, with all the tracks still firm underfoot, despite the rain of the previous day.
The end was in sight, however we had one last incline to climb to get us back up to Long Lane, which we all successfully completed.
A bit of road walking soon had us back at the village hall for the end of a lovely walk, on a nice bright sunny but at times cold morning.
Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.


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