Monday, April 24, 2023

Saturday 22nd April - Walks to Steppingley

There were 2 walks to Steppingley as the church there was holding their Springtime Cafe Lunch
The shorter walk, led by Wendy & Richard, started from Flitwick and was 4 miles.
The longer 7 mile walk started at Westoning Church at 10am led by Sue
We were very fortunate the church warden arranged for us to park on a drive in Church Road.
Kate, Cathy, Joy, John and Sue set off passing St Mary Magdalene Church in Westoning through the woods, along the River Flit towards Priestley Farm.
As we headed across the field the cows from the adjoining field came over to the fence. Brigid and Andy caught up with us here making 7 members on this 7 mile walk


Walking in the sunshine we headed towards Flitwick Plantation where we had a short coffee break.

We were lucky to see more blue bells along Blue Bell Walk. 
Eventually coming to Park Farm we stopped to admire the beautiful manicured gardens. Bearing left walking beside the tall trees and passing the pretty farm cottages.

Heading off down the lane towards Steppingley admiring the beautiful cottages and gardens. 
As we walked into the church grounds we were pleasantly surprised to see Bob and Celia making the most of the sunshine out on a bike ride.

The shorter walk group had not arrived so we went into the church and received a warm friendly welcome. 
There was lots to look at, plant sales and various items, a raffle and hot and cold drinks with delicious savouries and cakes. We left donations, happy to have had such a lovely time and help towards the fund raising for a toilet and tea station. I later received a lovely email from Terry to say thank you and they had raised £500 
Shortly after our other group of 11 arrived, led by Richard and Wendy. It was so nice to see faces we have not seen for a while for various reason and had done remarkably well having not walked for a while. 
Nita and Jean had also managed to join us and were already in the church. 
As we all enjoyed our refreshments we chatted to each other and others that had come to enjoy the day, listening to music and singing  to the Flitwick Ukulele Group. Some of us even had a little dance, enjoying the entertainment and warmth of the day. 

We left at different times. Some had made their own way, some had lifts and several stayed longer to chat and enjoy the atmosphere.
Several of us left together at 2:30pm with thanks and photos from Terry and members of the church. 

We passed by The Folly,  a beautiful building now privately owned also passing the ‘disabled farm’ set up by a blind man to teach and help disabled people. 
We walked together talking of our day until went our separate ways. Sue's group of 5 headed off to Westoning via Flitwick woods and back across Priestley Moor Plantation towards Priestley Farm and eventually back to our cars.
Wendy and Richard headed back to Flitwick with Hilary Yvonne, Penny, Sandra and Sharon. 

The shorter walk group enjoying the walk to Steppingley,on which they managed to see the micro pigs.


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