Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thursday 20th April Lilley / Galley Hill walk

This 5.5 mile walk was led by Brenda with 11 walkers.
Lilley village hall was the meeting point for the start of today’s walk.
However, just as we were about to set off, we were informed by the local car park attendant, we could not use the village hall as the church had a large funeral later in the day, and we would have to move.
So, off we trooped to start our walk from the parking bays near Whitehill Farm.
Once reorganised we were soon back on our way through the fields and down towards Lilley.

Passing Lilley Park wood, we entered to view the beautiful bluebells that we’re out in an abundance.
Continuing down the track we emerged at Lilley church where our coffee break was taken in the glorious sunshine.

Sue, Beryl & Diane taking it easy

John. Wendy & Richard relaxing

Leaving the church and walking through the village past the pub with the residents home made no parking signs, we continued past Lilley plantation 

Walking up to Wards Wood we had lovely view’s of the fields and their changing colours.
Continuing on the track at Wards Wood Lane we joined the Icknield Way before turning into the golf course and up towards Galley Hill

Brenda leading the way

With the wind now picking up as we reached the top of Galley Hill, a sheltered dell offered a place for our picnic lunch to be had out of the wind.


Walking on the Chiltern Way along the top of Warden Hill, we followed the tracks back past Whitehill Wood, past the enclosed reservoir and back to the cars for the end of a lovely walk on a nice bright sunny, if not very windy at times, day 

Track of walk, walked in ant-clockwise direction


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