Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Saturday 9th September Woburn walk led by Hilary

This was a repeat of Hilary's previous 3 mile walk but in the opposite direction.
On a very hot day seven of us started out from Woburn car park, into the park past the pond where we stopped for a photo,

After passing the farm buildings we turned off up the slope towards Froxfield. On reaching the estate road we turned left before stopping under a tree for a water break. We could see extensive earthworks which Hilary explained was to drain the car park. We remarked on the absence of deer in the park. We saw the front of the Abbey covered in scaffolding. It has been shut for several years now due to asbestos found internally. The Duke now living at Birchmore Farm as witnessed by our recent walk past there.We descended the hill between the lakes which has a nasty green scum round the edges. The resident swans did not seem to worry. On family had 3 large cygnets on one of the ponds.

Hilary, Beryl, Wendy, Linda, Tony R, Anna & Richard W
 At the bottom of the hill we turned right, all except Beryl taking a short cut across the grass.. On approaching the lower ponds we noticed a herd of stags grazing & drinking. These were the first deer we had seen all morning, however there were no hinds in sight. 

 A kind park ranger took a group photo for us before we returned to the walk start.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.

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