Sunday, September 17, 2023

Thursday 14th September Hexton > Lilley Hoo > Mortgrove Farm walk led by Tony P

This 7 mile walk had 12 walkers and started on Mill Lane Hexton, on a nice bright sunny autumn morning. Walking through the village, taking the track that led us out past the old water mill and then the fields on towards Pegsdon.



Reaching the Pegsdon hills nature reserve, a side track was taken bringing us out at the bottom of Telegraph hill, where we stopped in the shade for our coffee break,

Continuing on up the slight incline, we made it onto Lilley Hoo, where we followed along the tracks until we came to the permissive path leading us onto Kingshill Lanes.

Following the lane , it wasn't long before we joined our old friend the John Bunyan trail running along Lilley Bottom.

 Joining the Icknield way trail, we made our way to the turn for Mortgrove Farm. 


 Our picnic lunch was taken on the logs beside the track and once we were all suitably refreshed we started on our return.


 Passing through Mortgrove Farm, some road walking was required before we entered the field & plantation that would lead us back towards Hexton and the end of a walk enjoyed by all on a very sunny & hot day.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

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