Thursday, October 19, 2023

Thursday 12 October Graveley - 7 miles led by Brenda


We had 11 walkers on this walk and everyone managed to find a parking space in the High Street at Graveley.
It was still raining as we started the walk but thankfully not as heavily as it had been on the drive to Graveley. We followed a footpath along the edge of a couple of fields, turning left to walk in a north easterly direction, towards Manor farm, the last few yards being on the road. From Manor Farm the footpath went between two fenced fields until we reached a road. We left the road to have our coffee break in the wood where there were logs for us to sit on, by now it had stopped raining. Continuing along the road we reached Tilekiln Farm and the footpath, the only animals here appeared to be chickens. Again, the footpath continued along the edge of fields until we reached Warren Green and entered Weston Park walking through the park to Damask Green.

In Damask Green we turned left by some houses to walk south westerly, passing some fields which had been planted with fruit trees a couple or so years ago but not looking very healthy now. We stopped for lunch in How Wood where there was a seat and some tree trunks to sit on. After lunch we continued along this path, slowly down hill, with views of the Graveley Pick Your Own Farm, and, if it had been a clear day, nice views of the countryside. We eventually reached Graveley Church

before walking back to the main road and turning left back to the cars

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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