Monday, October 2, 2023

Thursday 28th September Harlington - Sharpenhoe led by Tony P

This 7 mile walk started from Harlington Village hall and had 17 walkers.
Leaving the village hall, we made our way down towards Harlington spinney, passing the site for the new village housing.

Leaving the spinney we continued along past Dyers Hall farm, before crossing the Sundon Rd, making our way down to the Bottoms and the tracks leading us below the Sundon Hills county park.

Reaching our point for a coffee break we stopped for well earned refreshments 

 Making our way towards the Moleskin Hills 

Now walking below the Sharpenhoe Clappers, some of the usual suspects were in front of the leader and yet again we are off in the wrong direction.

Once grouped back together we proceeded on towards Sharpenhoe village, before turning into and walking through Bury Farm 

Once through the farm, we were back on our old friend the John Bunyan trail 

And now the pace quickened in a race to get a position on the log to have our picnic lunch 

 Once refuelled we continued onto Mill Farm before coming out at Lovett Green

Some walkers thought about getting the bus back to the village hall, best of luck with that, the service was cancelled in 2017.

As the farmer had not reinstated a path across the field we walked around the boundary before we started our assault walking up the short trail of Bunyan's Oak, then through Horsehill spinney, we were soon back on the Barton Rd leading us back to the village hall for the end of our walk, on an overcast, humid and at times a very blustery day.

Track of walk, walked in anti=clockwise direction


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