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Saturday 13th January Lilley, 9 ramblers, 8 miles, led by Lynn

Lynn was joined by Beryl, Brenda, Judith, Ruth, Torunn, Geoff, John and Tony P. We met at the village hall in Lilley, all suitably layered up for the chilly weather and once ready, headed south west on the Chiltern Way alongside Lilleypark Wood.

Fortunately, the weather forecast for the previous week had been correct and there had been no rain, so the ground had dried up a lot since the week before when Lynn checked it out, which was just as well as the first incline was up across the middle of a field. 

At Butterfield Green Road, we turned right to go past Whitehill Farm towards Warden Hill. Although it was a lovely, sunny morning, there was some low cloud in the distance, which was a shame as there can be good views of Luton along here. 

Instead of carrying on along the Chiltern Way and Warden Hill at the next junction, we turned right and followed the path between open fields to cross the John Bunyan Trail and head up to the Icknield Way. At this point we had our first short stop for our elevenses, before continuing along the Icknield Way towards Telegraph Hill, where we had a second short refreshments stop, just before turning right to go up the hill. There are glimpses of nice views through the leafless trees as you go up the hill here. 

At the top, we followed the path to the junction with another, turned right and soon after, turned left to walk through a little wooded area then onwards to Little Offley, a very picturesque, old Tudor manor house. On the other side of the farm yard we turned right - heading in the direction of Great Offley - along the edge of a field, to reach the long drive leading up to the front of the House. We carried on in the same direction for a short distance but now along the road and then turned right again to head south west. 

This stretch alongside a few field edges, was still very wet and muddy (although much improved from the week before!) but thankfully nobody slipped over and we all made it safely to Lilleyhoo Lane. From there we turned right for about 50 yards to reach a path on the left and our last climb. At the top there is a bench for those that wish to stop and enjoy the views out to the west, looking down on to the village of Lilley, and round to the north west towards Sharpenhoe Clappers in the distance. 

From here we just needed to go down the other side, cross a field of horses - where there was an extremely, trampled, muddy exit (you had to keep moving or you got stuck in the mud!) - then through another field back into the village. Those of us that had brought lunch, sat in the sunshine on the benches in/next to the children’s play .

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

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