Friday, January 5, 2024

Totternhoe Knolls to Dunstable, January 4th. 3 and 8 miles

We were a select group that met at the village hall car park: two for the short walk, two for the long walk.
But success is measured  in enjoyment, not quantity, and it was a lovely morning after all the endless rain. The sun was out, and the birds were singing their heart out as the days are lengthening. 
After a short muddy bit up the well-used steps from the car park, we got onto the footpath that skirts the chalk face from an old quarry. The path improved, turning to grass, and soon we left the mud behind. 

We followed the path round to the South, admiring the dogs that we passed and enjoying the warmth of the sun. We soon stopped at a large log for our coffee break and watched a robin singing on the top of a branch. All in all, it felt like spring may be on its way. 

At this point, Ruth F and Hillary turned West to return to the car park, and Ruth B and Tony continued South along the green lane to Dunstable Downs. After crossing the main road we took a footpath that neither of us had walked along, along the base of the Downs, and soon it opened into a lovely view of the gliding club and Ivinghoe Beacon. The cloud was increasing to the West and a quick check on our phones suggested that rain may arrive at 3pm, so we cut out the last mile or so and headed up to the Visitors Center for our packed lunch. The sun had gone, and we decided we had made the right decision. 

The return journey was easy, following the hard path over the knoll, retracing our steps along the Green Lane. We hoped to have our last biscuit on the 'butterfly' bench, but it was occupied, so we returned to our log before setting back to the car park. 

Track of walk


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