Thursday, July 16, 2020

Harlington Walk 16th July 6 walkers 6.5 miles 3.5 hours led by Tony Price

Sharon, Torunn, Patricia, Vivienne and Tony Price at the Harlington Village Hall for the walk start.

Annie,Vivienne,Torunn,Patricia & Sharon walking through Harlington Spinney

Through to Dyers Hall farm where we crossed the road & along the Bottoms. Taking the track leading up to Moleskin Hill where a water break was taken. Then walking below Sharpenhoe Clappers through to Sharpenhoe village where another break was taken outside the old pub.

Returning to Harlington via the track leading to water off meadow, following this along until the footbridge and crossing the second bridge when we again reached the Bottoms where the track for Harlington was taken and headed back to the village hall.

Map showing the walk route, walked in anti-clockwise direction.


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