Thursday, July 9, 2020

July 9th 2020 Silsoe to Clophill, led by Jill. 5 walkers

Five of us met at Wrest Park today for a seven mile walk.

 The steps of the house seemed a good place for Ruth, Torunn, Sharon and Beryl to practice their social distancing skills, before heading off up the bridleway towards Gravenhurst. We skirted round the village and then headed north over the fields to Cainhoe Manor Farm. After the previous night's rain we all added a few kilos of mud to our boots as we went through some oat fields, but we were soon on drier ground as we joined the road and crossed the A507.

Our coffee stop was taken on top of the Castle Hill Motte and Baileys with lovely views over towards the lakes of the old Fuller's Earth quarries and Clophill village. I had previously been warned about a large quantity of Giant Hogweed as we neared Clophill and this generated a lot of discussion and effort to agree on it's identification. (note from Ruth - I'm sure its not Hogweed. Possibly Hemlock.) We headed back to Wrest Park via Clophill and Silsoe and finished our walk with a picnic under the trees. The weather was kind to us, so it was a very enjoyable morning with good company.

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